Tired of Feeling Attacked On Every Side?

Have you had it with the bombardment of every voice you hear, which is seemingly screaming, attacking, talking over each other, making claims which are unfounded, unsubstantiated, and downright ridiculous?  I certainly have.  I could go on and on, but what good would that accomplish?  Nothing, it is just more hot air and another opinion you do not need to read or hear.

How can we turn off the world completely and gain some peace and clarity in our own four walls?  That is the million-dollar question.  Even now, if we got together over coffee in your family room to talk about it, there would be a different suggestion for every person sitting there.

Below are some ideas that are 100% Unpopular, but they do work.

  1. Turn off your phone device.
  2. Take a technology fast for the weekend.
  3. Turn off your binge-watching of everything for 1 week.
  4. Take yourself, your dog, and your family for a romp in a local park or for a long walk out in nature.
  5. Stop talking and giving your learned opinion on everything you believe you are an expert in.
  6. Get up when the sun comes up and go outside and greet the day.
  7. Go to bed earlier than you usually do and again go outside to view the moon and stars.
  8. Stop being triggered by the things you see and hear.
  9. Understand that you have a greater purpose than what you are doing at this moment.
  10. Look around you, others are watching everything you say, they are watching everything you do, and you are influencing all those that you interact with every minute of every day.

These 10 items are very straight forward and if you are one of the millions who claim they cannot do one, five, or all ten of these, then you, my friend, have an addiction problem.  Before there were cell phones, you were not addicted to the phone hanging on the wall.  Before there was a computer or tablet in multiples in your home and office, you were not addicted to the fax, or copier, or the typewriter, were you?  Before you and your family had hundreds of options to occupy your time, you had to find free simpler ways to occupy your time. People have always spouted off their opinions about every subject on earth, but know they have ways of putting their opinions out into space for millions to view.  Today, most working folks are up and gone from their homes and in their offices often when the sun comes up.  They have missed out on one of life’s greatest spectacles – a magnificent sunrise.  The same is true at the end of the day, you may be commuting home long after sunset and long after dinnertime, only to drop into bed so tired you forget to eat or you drown yourself to sleep with a glass of wine.  Again, the natural rhythm of life has passed you by and you have opted for a different path.  Today we are triggered by everything and anything that we deem detrimental to us in some way.  This has become an epidemic in our society today.  People are afraid to say anything for fear something will happen.  We are always looking for the next thing, the next job, the next promotion, the next raise, the next relationship, the next bigger, better, downsized and a million other things.  We have totally lost sight of the bigger picture.  It is not about the “next anything.” Today in 2020, we seem to have lost all perspective in realizing we are supposed to be an example to others.  What I see today is much like that image at the top of this blog and those are people who will never influence me to do anything or to follow their advice.

I have a challenge for you today in this new month of March.  What if you tried just one item on the list each month and just see if something changes in your life?  What if you tried doing just one of the things listed more than once a month, what might happen? 

Nothing Changes Until You Do.


I’d like to hear from you!

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