How do I become a client Janice?

That’s a great question.

I would like to begin this conversation by explaining how I work with my clients so you know exactly what your coaching process will look like and how it will unfold. It is important for you to understand that coaching is an on-going conversation between two people in a marathon, not a sprint. We do not dwell in your past, YOU pursue YOUR personal and professional goals and dreams while your coach provides honest feedback, encouragement, guidance and sometimes “tough love” in an environment where you are our sole priority.


In today’s competitive business environment many top level executives, business leaders, local politicians and even your next door neighbors have experienced the benefits of using a coach, or a mentor. The results in increased productivity, career development, leadership development, a tough transition from one job to another, in and out of a certain job situation, a tough decision, family situations, developing strategies in business, life, and in their families, and even learning those soft skills have lifted them up and propelled them upward and forward all through working with a skilled coach or mentor.

You see, we do not exist in a vacuum. What happens in our professional lives walks through the front door of our homes and impacts our families and our personal relationships, causing stress, turmoil and a less than calm environment. The reverse is also true. When a person’s family life is in chaos, the employee brings it through the office front door and it affects performance, attitude, and a business’ bottom line. It pays no attention to title be it CEO or cashier.

YOU define the agenda. YOUR results depend entirely on YOU. YOU are responsible 100% for your own success in this process. The time it takes depends on how long you take to take action on the weekly, or monthly goals you set for yourself.

Each 12 week coaching engagement is a segment of time in which you can expect to see growth if you take action. This is the average amount of time it takes a person to gain an awareness, get going, grow, reach a plateau, and then start to experience freedom in one area. This is only an average; life has a way of interrupting the best of intentions. Our coaching contracts are for one full year. Over the course of one full year a client can expect to see real results, if they take action on what they have committed to and follow through on their plan.

Here at Janice Bastani Coaching we use a three step process in our coaching programs. This three step process is explained below.

We will begin with the first step which is AWARENESS. In the AWARENESS step we take a look at your life right now in a 360 degree and 36,000 foot look. We can’t begin until we know where you are. I do this with every area of your life. You see we do not exist in a vacuum. When something happens in one area of our lives it does have an equal or greater impact in every area of our life.

The second step is GROWTH. In the GROWTH step together we map out a plan of where you want to be or want to go and the steps it will take to reach that goal. Each week, you will let me know what you will be doing on your road to your goal. I will coach you through the bumps, challenges and disappointments and help you to stay on track and focused. I will hold you accountable for what you tell me you are going to do. Also I will make sure that you keep a realistic time frame in the fulfillment toward reaching your goal.

The third and final step is FREEDOM. In the FREEDOM step we will celebrate each of your forward motions, completions, and successes, no matter how small they may seem to you. It is my experience that this is the single most neglected step in a person’s life; that of celebration. It is vital that you take in and absorb each compliment and success because it is a direct deposit into the core of your being, your “self-worth!” These “deposits” help us to stand tall in times of trouble, disappointment and fill us with the confidence we need to face each day.

We have several assessments which you may want to take. We find that most clients are “assessment fatigued” by the time they hire a coach and can manipulate an assessment unless they have never taken one before. We are happy to do any assessment which suits your needs based on our initial interview with you.

I want you to know up front, I am a tough accountability partner. I am going to ask you this question: “How far can I challenge or push you when I think you need it?” and I will be looking you square in the eye when I ask. Why would I tell a prospective client such a thing?… because I want you to succeed!

YOU and only you are 100% responsible for the decisions you make and the consequences both negative and POSITIVE that come from making them.

You know, I get such great pleasure in helping our clients succeed. Each time I hang up the phone or say goodbye to a client who has just made a huge leap of progress, I get such joy out of their success, because THEY did it! I want to feel that feeling every single time I finish working with every client in our business. I want that for Y-O-U!

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