Janice Bastani is a Professional Certified Coach and holds multiple certifications in the coaching sector.


“I am highly enthusiastic about my relationships with my clients, and I know each of them has most of   the answers they seek buried deep inside them. My job is to create a safe space where a conversation can occur and those answers, visions, goals, strategies, and challenges can be worked on. I come to the table using my gifts and strengths, with an open mind, intuitive Janice Bastani, PCC nature, deep listening skills, unconditional love and support to support you in accessing your brilliance and potential. I listen for your “gremlins”, “limiting beliefs”, those off ramps which divert your attention and drain your vitality and energy. I am your mirror. I will help you get clear about what your focus is and where your energy is and become WHOLE.  My job is to breakdown any roadblocks, detours, to dream with you and to hold you accountable for each item you commit to during our time together. Most of all, I celebrate with you all of your success while you are on the journey called life!


Janice Bastani Coaching is a full-service coaching business and online business, which is faith-based.


Janice Bastani Coaching is the umbrella business that houses all the coaching disciplines where Janice does her coaching business. Janice Bastani Coaching has been in business since 2004. JBC has a wide variety of coaching methodologies and processes, along with assessments that clients can choose. She has been a master mentor coach for her coaching school [IPEC] and niche mentor to hundreds of aspiring coaches. Today, many of these mentees are very successful coaches, authors, and speakers. Janice takes great pride in watching their growing success and reaches out often to congratulate them and is thrilled to see them in person at events from time to time. Janice is considered a leading expert in personal development, leadership, coaching, and mentoring. Mrs. Bastani has more than 20,000 hours of education, training, and experience in her field of expertise.

Janice’s passion is equipping others to understand who they are and how to develop that which is inside them to be a success. She does this through coaching, mentoring, teaching, training, consulting, and tough love when it is needed. “Support and Accountability” are two of the hallmarks of Janice’s coaching business. She believes that without support, whether through email, ZOOM, debriefing, or telephone calls, the client must hang out in the world and let their “yammering internal roommate” play havoc inside their heads. Janice also believes that without an accountability partner to hold a client to their commitment, it’s all just “hot air,” and forward movement will be thwarted.

She has served as a Master Girl Scout Trainer for the United States Girl Scout Association for over ten years in the San Francisco Bay area, is credentialed in Personality Training, and has been a speaker with the Christian Lecturers, Authors Speakers Services. She has provided free lunch ‘n learn trainings on a variety of subjects at local Chamber of Commerce offices.  Janice loves to speak to groups about how transformation can change a company’s culture and those who work in any business. Janice has also served in the volunteer positions of many school PTAs, been an art docent as well as the District Commissioner for the Area IX United States Pony Club. Currently, Janice serves in her church as a small group leader, and in the recent past, the coach to many pastors and staff.

Janice graduated from the University of Arkansas.  While her husband was attending graduate school, Janice worked for several advertising agencies. She worked as a traffic manager [what we call today “Project Manager”], Production Buyer, and Account Executive.  She exited the business community to raise two daughters and support her husband, soon to celebrate 50 years of marriage.  Once the girls were out of the nest, Janice pursued her next passion of coaching and lifelong learning in earnest. This is where most of her time has been spent since 2004. She is an avid blogger and writes on a variety of subjects.

Our Mission and Vision for our Clients and Customers:

We are in the business of bringing out the brilliance that is already inside of each of our clients and our customers through powerful questions, teaching, coaching, training, and equipping them with skills and processes which will enhance their lives and businesses. We hold each client and customer in the highest regard and feel we must hold them accountable for their promises to further themselves in their private lives and professional lives. We also believe our clients are 100% responsible for all the decisions and choices they make in their lives and to accept the consequences, good and bad, that come with those decisions and choices.

Our Tag Line is:

“Know What You Believe, and Why You Hold That Belief!”

Our Services: Our services include but are not limited to:

1:1 coaching [virtual since COVID via ZOOM or other electronic medium]
Group Coaching [virtual since COVID via ZOOM or other electronic medium]
E-Learning Programs
John C. Maxwell Coaching and Training Programs

  Transformation Leadership Tables

Biblical Leadership Transformation Tables
Energy Leadership Coaching and Assessment
DISC Assessment and debriefing
Emotional Intelligence Coaching and Assessment
Neuroleadership Coaching
MasterMind Groups
Customized programs and retreats [modified since the onset of 2020 COVID Pandemic]

Programs specifically designed for Women and Women-In-Business based on

EVE: Reclaim Your Power Book.

Our Process: Janice Bastani Coaching has a unique three-step process we use with our clients. Our process is: Awareness>Growth>Freedom

We begin by looking at where you are today, right now with a 360-degree surround view and a 36,000-foot view. If you don’t know where you are at this moment in time, we have no place to start. We call this: AWARENESS.

The second step is to determine where they want to be, and together, we paint a picture of what that will look like. Then we map out a step-by-step action plan to get you there, and I hold you accountable for each action you promise to take and coach you through and over the bumps along the way. We call this: GROWTH.

The third step is the celebration of each success, no matter how small the success is. We believe that taking in the compliment, acknowledging it as something you accomplished in of each success, and “I got this!” makes significant deposits into your core being. This, in turn, builds up your self-worth. This is the single most detrimental contributor to self-defeat and unmet expectation and lack of fulfillment we see in our business! We call this: FREEDOM.

Our Guarantee:

Our guarantee is very simple: “If you are not 100% satisfied with our service or our product, within the first 30 days you hire or buy from us, we will gladly refund your money 100%, no questions asked.”

Our Experience:

Janice Bastani Coaching was established in 2004 and has had more than 7,000+ successful coaching sessions and thousands of readers and followers, and buyers of our online services and products. Janice has maintained her ICF credential for over a decade* and had thousands of hours of continuing education units in addition to new certifications and training over that same time. As a recognized “Expert” in the areas of Leadership, Personal Development, Mentoring & Coaching, Janice has over 20,000 hours of advanced education and training. Janice describes herself as a “Lifelong Learner,” and this is evident, with which she plans and executes her personal growth plan each year.

Janice has personally coached CEOs, CTOs, other C-Suite executives, Managers, Teachers, Small Business owners, Teams, Non-profit Boards, Non-profit groups, members of local town councils, Stay at Home Moms, mentored coaches, lawyers, new business owners, therapists, massage therapists, yoga instructors, college students, retired people, Olympic trainers, Church pastors, and their staffs, along with a dozen other occupations. Janice has served
on boards, volunteered, and served in her community for decades.

Our Fees for Services: Our fees for services and products span a wide range of price points. We also do a limited number of pro bono services. We pride ourselves on making our offerings competitive for the high value and quality of service and products we provide our clients and customers. The average hourly rate for “life coaching” is $125.00 per hour.

Our Websites:
Our main website at: www.janicebastanicoaching.com
Our John C. Maxwell site at: www.johnmaxwellgroup.com/janicebastani

JBC Blog
Monthly Blog posts: https://www.janicebastanicoaching.com/articles/blog-posts/

Titus Rose Blog


Titles in Print

Eve: Reclaim Your Freedom

Words of Wisdom

Our Programs: We offer several online programs to help clients and customers who learn best in a self-paced environment. Please select the tab “Our Programs”. These programs are competitively priced.

Other Offerings: We know that there may be a need for a tailor-made program for a specific client or customer, or company, and we welcome the opportunity to put forth a competitive recommendation and plan for your success.

Please contact us at our offices, and we will gladly speak to you about designing a program that will fit your needs. We also offer assessments and debriefing.

Her credentials include the following certifications:

University Degree
B.A. in Journalism from the University of Arkansas 1971 – 1975

Additional Credentials
Credentialed and Founding Member of the John C. Maxwell Team since August 2011 as a Coach, Trainer, and Speaker
PCC (Professional Credentialed Coach) with the ICF (International Coaching Federation) Granted in June 2006, 2009, 2010,2011, & 2015
Credentialed Emotional Intelligence Coach – This was granted on Oct. 12, 2005
Credentialed Energy Leadership Coach – This was granted on Feb. 7, 2007
Credentialed Global Group Coach, granted after 50 hours of training in May 2008 from Mentor Coaching Association
Credentialed Personality Trainer from Personality Plus with Florence Littauer since 1990
Level 1 DISC Consultant May 13 – 14, 2015

Non-Coaching Credentials
NueroLeadership Coach Trainer from Results Coaching
30,000+ hours of Lifelong Learning through online training, seminars, conferences, reading, podcasts, virtual learning.
Master Girl Scout Trainer for the United States Girl Scout Association for over ten years in the San Francisco Bay area
District Commissioner for Area IX United States Pony Club
Mentor Coach for IPEC & Oral Examiner for IPEC for credentialing of coaching students

Other Associations
Who Who’s in Coaching and in Business New Jersey
New Jersey Professional Coaches Association
Bernardsville Professional Women’s Organization
The Experts Industry Association
Los Angeles Coach Federation
San Francisco Coach Federation
John Maxwell Team
Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce

Our Gratitude to Our Clients
We are so thankful and have a heart full of gratitude for all our clients’ past and present. We continue to hold each of them in such a high place of honor for allowing us to pour into their lives with positive change and uplifting each of them. We consider it a privilege to serve.