Janice Bastani Coaching is now a part of the New Life Ministries Coaching Network.

Coaching is all about moving forward through compassionate communication between the coach and the client.  We connect people to God’s truth with empowering solutions for those individuals who find themselves in life’s most challenging and difficult places.  We know that these individuals are missing what God desired for their lives.   

The New Life Ministries Coaching Network is about focused change.  Individuals will do the hard work that will actually help them to move forward.  We take individuals out of the isolation of their self-talk, sin, misdirected messaging, and experiences and help them to find a path to moving forward, silencing their inner critic, and getting into the right relationship with God.

New Life Ministries Coaching Network uses the powerful art of asking questions and we build those questions around 7 keywords to spiritual renewal.

First Key – Surrender:  1 Peter 5:6 – “See the need to allow God to help you through others.”

Second Key – Acceptance:  Psalm 139:1 – “Accept the full reality of your situation.”

Third Key – Confession:  James 5:16 – “Begin to open up about the reality of your life.”

Fourth Key – Responsibility:  Galatians 6:5 – “Accept responsibility to make the changes that must be made.”

Fifth Key – Forgiveness:  Matthew 6:14 – “Forgive your own failures and the failures of those who have hurt you.”

Sixth Key – Transformation:  11 Corinthians 1:4 – “Transform your pain into a purposeful ministry out of love for others.”

Seventh Key – Preservation:  Philippians 2: 12 – 13 – “Protect the spiritual gains you have made and preserve through the struggles we must all experience as we grow.”

How New Life Ministries Coaching Network Works

You will call 1 – 800- NEW-LIFE [1-800-639-5433], the representative who answers the phone will use The New Life Ministries Coaching Network membership directory to find a coach that best serves the need of you, the caller.

Coaches set their own rates.  Coaches are licensed and insured. Coaches do not accept medical insurance.  Coaches are not psychotherapists or medical doctors. Coaches have contracts with their clients and may terminate a contract if they feel the client needs medical care, psychiatric treatment, or therapy. If this is the case the client will be referred to The New Life Ministries

All New Life Ministries Coaching Network Coaches have been thoroughly vetted.  The coaches’ credentials have been verified through their institutions, colleges, and coaching schools.  The coaches have gone through a background check, and credit check, as well as professional and business compliance standards.  Recommendations and testimonials have also been contacted to verify the capabilities and outcomes of the coaching–client relationship.

Each coach has agreed to a New Life Code of Conduct, and Statement of Faith.