Do You Feel Unfulfilled?

Does it feel like “something is missing” in your life?

You deserve to live life to the fullest and that is exactly what The Eve Program promises to do for you!

The Eve Program is a very unique way in which you discover who you are at your very core – your beliefs. You learn how to make decisions that shape who you want to become.

Once you have made these decisions, we look at how you can refine what you have learned and decided, and put those things into living your life daily.

It is my experience with my coaching clients that – for whatever reason – both men and women – were not taught life skills when they lived at home. As a result, when they were launched into the adult world; they were ill equipped to handle the stress, changes, and decisions that are demanded of them each day.

As these as adults became my clients – I often found when I began to question them about what they actually believed about the very challenges before them, I usually got a blank stare...

These programs will bring clarity back into your life in a whole new way. We will go at pace which is right for you. You will be able to process and integrate your decisions into your daily life.

Before you know it, they will become a natural process for you. You will begin to see the fog lift and you will make better decisions in your professional and personal life.

Each level builds on the previous one. The decisions you make and the answers you give will move you forward.

These lessons are delivered in a downloadable PDF which will come to you once a week. This will give you time to read them, ponder and really think about your answers. There will also be support calls and Q ‘n A which you can take advantage of.

I encourage you to make the first decision now and begin by enrolling in “Discovering Eve”, you will not regret your decision and you will be amazed at what you are really all about.

You are more precious than fine jewels and your sparkle has been hidden for far too long.

The Eve Program is divided into four levels: Discovering Eve, Becoming Eve, Refining Eve, and Living Eve.

Let’s take a look at each of the programs below:


Each of these four levels builds on the previous one and this is the way the program is designed to unfold: In the first level “Discovering Eve” we get to know each other and begin to set the tone for the the lessons which follow. We look at some of today’s hot topics and how we are fragmented and driven to distraction and in the malaise we find ourselves unsatisfied, unable to focus and generally searching for more time and help in our lives on a daily basis. Each lesson begins with a core need each Eve faces daily and begins to walk her through the process of discovering what she believes about that need. There is no judging here we all face these frustrations, disappointments and unmet expectations in one area or another in our lives every day, none of us is immune. Together we explore what the real question is, what your answer is, how you want to move forward and what is next for you. There is light on your path, Eve, and together we will walk it. There are twelve topics to explore in this first level.

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COMING SOON! Becoming Eve: Becoming Eve is level II, here we take a look at life’s cornerstones and foundational blocks. We all have them and they are what our lives are built upon. You may not have given much thought to them, but they are there nonetheless. What are yours? We will take a look at the four most common cornerstones. We will learn about the sixteen foundational blocks upon which your life is built and the sequence in which they were placed in your life. This is the place from which you learned how to make decisions. It is here, that you truly “Become Eve”. This is also another in depth learning set of lessons of which there are twenty.

Yes, sign me up, I am ready to Discover My Eve! $297.00

COMING SOON! Refining Eve: Here in this third level, we will take a look at the twelve life areas that comprise most of our lives. You may have more or less. Each of these lessons takes look at how you view each area of your life and how you interact or segment them from each other. The basic questions that are the heart of who you are play a key role in this part of the Eve program more than anywhere else because it is from here that you “live” your life. You do not live in isolation what you do in your personal life has an impact in your professional life and what you do in your professional life walks in the front door with you when you come home at night, even if you think it doesn’t. We will learn about each of these life areas and how you live and react daily. This is all about “Refining” who you are as Eve. There are twelve lessons.

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COMING SOON! Living Eve: Living Eve is all about becoming comfortable with who you are now in living your daily life, professionally and personally. We discuss what we each believe about our own self worth, how the process actually works from the view point of our awareness, how we actually create growth in our lives and how we accept, cherish and love the freedom that knowing what we believe and why we believe what we do about our decisions and every area of our lives is so worth living for and passing on to others! Living Eve is the pentacle of the Eve Program because when a woman has shown the fortitude and courage to do this much inner work she is worth far more than rubies. There are many opportunities for the woman who completes the entire program and those invitations will be given to her upon completion.

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COMING SOON! Discovering Eve, Becoming Eve, Refining Eve & Living Eve Programs, all are delivered weekly. Each week as you progress through each of the lessons you will have special access to a coaching call where I discuss the lesson and provide insight. I will also provide Q n A for each lesson and they will be posted on the Eve website. Along the way we will have so many exciting things for you to do and participate in. At the completion of each level you will receive a certificate of completion and a thank you from me for completing each level in our journey together. There will be contests and prizes and upon completion of the entire program you will be receiving a very special invitation for an exciting event, along with several other opportunities to be in my Eve MasterMind and Mentoring group.

I am so excited to offer this to you and excited for you to participate. I want to make sure that everyone who wants to be in the Eve Programs can I have kept this price point at rock bottom. It is worth ten times what I am offering it to you. There is also a discount if you buy the entire four levels.


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Our money back guarantee: If you are not satisfied with our product we will gladly refund your money, no questions asked.

Disclaimer: You and only you are responsible for the decisions that you make and the consequences which result from making those decisions. We make no claim of happiness, results or financial profit from our materials. These items are based on real life experiences and outcomes, but are not necessarily the outcomes you may experience.