Step Right Up… It’s 2020

Step right up, step right up, I have an amazing elixir which will make you hair curl if you want it curly, or straight if you want it straight.  This amazing elixir will give you the ability to make as much money as you want and can pay taxes on.  It will give you the amazing curb appeal to attract buyers of all kinds to your business.  Step right up; step right up, only $9.95 per month for the rest of your life.  You guarantee all the results you want to see in your business and life!  What a deal!

Okay, the fun is over, and it isn’t even April 1st yet.  And yet, many of us look at our lives and our businesses this way.  We are looking for that elusive something that will change everything for us.  What is this elusive thing?  Where can we find it?  What does it cost?  How can I implement it once I get it?  We have so many questions, so few answers.  Some of us have found it, and you know what it is already in your possession.  Can you guess what it is?

Before I reveal this special something, I want to tell you the two things; I was asked over and over in 2019 by peers, friends, family, and yes clients.  It seems this special something is not picky on whom it chooses to inflict its desires. 

  1. “I have just lost it.  I do not feel like I want to get up and do anything.  It is if I have lost my mojo.  I just do not want to do much of anything. What can I do?”
  2. “I am so excited to begin this new adventure, but where do I start? Is there a shortcut to get where I want to go?  I am so full of ideas and plans, what comes first, second, third and when do I get there?”

See what I mean? 

Our lives, our businesses, and our relationships stretch out before us like this road here.  The hash marks representing each year and up there ahead on our road is a curve.  We are all in partnership with our families, spouses, business partners, customers and those who make up our relational lives.  Everyone needs “buy-in” in order for us to fulfill our dream, sustain our joy, keep plugging away each day and then return home to our support group – our family.  We each stay in our lane and come together on the common ground we share.  That is how we succeed.  When there is disharmony on the road of life, we plow right through those white road markers up ahead, and trouble ensues.

As a successful business person, wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter…..I have always followed this rule:


“Have A Plan and Work The Plan.”

If this sounds too simple to you, it is.  If you do not have a plan on where you are going, you will never get there.  If you are not willing to work at reaching your goal, then you will never attain it.  There is no shortcut, no magic pill, app, or program that will help you.  Only Y-O-U can help Y-O-U. 

It seems today in 2020 we are becoming obsessed with brevity.  Our lives are so full of brevity; we have little time for anything else.  I was recently with a group of high tech folks, and they were all talking about their email boxes being so full, flying around the globe for one short meeting and flying back to their home base, late nights and dark early morning meeting and not enough time to even go to the bathroom.  Yes, I said bathroom – fabulous dinner conversation, right?  I couldn’t help myself, and I asked:  “..So how many emails do you have?  Why don’t you look at your phone and let us all know, I am especially curious?”  What do you think the numbers were like?  Nope, you aren’t even close!  Tens of Thousands of unread emails.  Most of those around the gathering said they communicate mostly by text.  So why use emails, I wonder?  Where is the plan for opening and reading, responding, filing or deleting all those emails?  You get the point.

This year think in terms of one success at a time.  Work backward on small incremental steps to achieve.  That means something you can accomplish each day and feel good about what you did do and not beat yourself up on what you did not do.  Traction is gained through perseverance, and simple follow through.  If one thing is ruling your life, such as your phone or text, or emails or interruptions, simple put an end to it.  No, that is not impossible.  We teach others how to treat us.  If you allow constant interruptions, phone calls, and texts, that is what you will get.  Only check your email once or twice a day.  Have a special ring tone set up for emergencies only from family. 

So, what do you think?  Are you still searching for that special elixir that is on the market?  It is time for you to take back your time and your life and stop letting others make the decisions for Y-O-U.


I’d like to hear from you!

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