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  • Eve The Book

    Eve The Book is a very unique way in which you discover who you are at your very core, you learn how to make decisions that will shape who you want to become, once you have made these decisions we look at how you can refine what you have learned and decided and put those things into living your life daily. It is my experience with my coaching clients that for whatever reason, both men and women were not taught life skills when they lived at home and were launched into the adult world not  equipped to handle the stress, changes, and decisions that are demanded of us daily.

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  • The Essentials Lesson

    This in a nutshell is a lesson where you come to a place of neutrality or calm so that you have a place from which to begin. If you find yourself in a place of turmoil, negativity, confusion, too many voices telling you what to do, stuck in the past, being pulled in too many directions, hold up in your apartment or home and lost and afraid to venture out, or just tired of being bored, tired, and sick and tired of failing, then this is where you being anew. This is my three step coaching process of Awareness > Growth > Freedom and together we work the process and move you forward. Together we go through each area of your life and dive deep into what your awareness is in each area and where you want to go in each area and how you are going to do that and what your beliefs are in each of these areas is. We also take a look at what experiencing real freedom in each of these areas feels like, sounds like, tastes like and how you live in this new way. This is a download program.

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  • Global Business Protocol

    Business Protocol is an essential skill-set needed in every business professional’s toolbox just as their phone, computer or business card. If you do not know the protocol for a country, a corporate culture, business etiquette in the office, at a business function, in a cubicle, on a business trip, business lunch, or any other type of event, then you need this course!

    This is a download product.

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  • 5-Week Quick Start Program

    This program is designed for the person who needs to see immediate results and is dedicated to doing what needs to be done to getting those results! There are five lessons over five weeks, which are sent weekly via email. Each week builds on the week before. The benefits are: you will learn foundational principles which you will have for life, you will learn how to apply critical thinking skills to every area of your life and which you can you the rest of your life, you will learn how holding on to and adopting attitudes, beliefs and actions in your life can move you forward and or hold you back, set your course in every area of your life, and each of these have consequences which can be negative and cause stagnation or they can be positive consequences and be life changing and move you forward!

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  • LifeStyle Success Model

    For those of you who are looking to create a “Lifestyle”, this is the program where you can design a life you want for yourself. This program is divided into three modules. Module one looks at where you are today. Lesson one begins with a snapshot of “today” and what it looks like and progress with where you are, what skills you have and assesses what you want and how to get there based on your skillset.

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