The Essentials Lesson


This in a nutshell is a lesson where you come to a place of neutrality or calm so that you have a place from which to begin. If you find yourself in a place of turmoil, negativity, confusion, too many voices telling you what to do, stuck in the past, being pulled in too many directions, hold up in your apartment or home and lost and afraid to venture out, or just tired of being bored, tired, and sick and tired of failing, then this is where you being anew. This is my three step coaching process of Awareness > Growth > Freedom and together we work the process and move you forward. Together we go through each area of your life and dive deep into what your awareness is in each area and where you want to go in each area and how you are going to do that and what your beliefs are in each of these areas is. We also take a look at what experiencing real freedom in each of these areas feels like, sounds like, tastes like and how you live in this new way. This is a download program.