It is now the first full week in January; what has changed in the past four days?  Your head may be pounding, and your vision may be blurred, or perhaps you cannot seem to drag yourself out of bed to face a new year full of questions and uncertainties.  Perhaps you are wishing, hoping, and praying that once you do get out of bed and face the world, things will be different today.  I know, I too have these same feelings and thoughts.  You are not alone. There is hope in January 2021!!

There is something you can do to change your world.  This year I am going to facilitate a concept called “Transformation Tables.”  These tables are part of the Change Your World journey.

These tables will work like this; I will be walking you and other participants through “Values-Based Lessons.”  These lessons will lift you up, encourage you, give you hope, and equip you to make a positive difference in your world. 

Would you like to join me on this journey?  Sign up here, send an email to, and in the subject header, write:

I want to change my world.

Changing Your World begins with you; it begins in your life, your family, your relationships, if you work, or if you are out of a job right now; having a positive place to be and be lifted up at a transformation table is where this journey begins. 

If you are like me, you are frustrated by the lack of leadership in the world.  This lack of leadership is global and comes right down to the family.  Leadership begins at home. Let me help you be a better leader right where you are today. 

Please join me on this journey.  Sign up here, send an email to, and in the subject header, write: 

I want to change my world.

Questions you may have:

1. What are Transformation Tables?  Good question: here are the basics:

  • Transformation Tables are values-based leadership development lessons designed to encourage self-reflection and consistent action.
  • They are 6 weeks long, 1 lesson per week.
  • Each table lesson lasts 1 hour.
  • There is NO COST to you to participate in Transformation Tables!
  • You may move on to an Action Table Group once you complete your Transformation Table. There is NO COST to be in an Action Table Group.

2. How in the world can you do something like this at NO COST?

That is a great question, and I know you have never heard my answer before. Believe it or not, there are leaders in the world who are willing to help lift up others and equip them at no cost.  There is no catch here.  I am not trying to trick you into some pay for information program.  The goal of Change Your World is to give as many people as possible access to the concept of Values-Based material and to equip those same people with the information they need to change their world, and to inspire them to be the transformation they want to see in our world today.

  1. What are the Values-Based Lessons? There are 6 value-based lessons: 



Valuing Every Person




  1. As a Facilitator, how do you get paid for your time and expertise?

Each facilitator serves as a volunteer and is not paid.  Believing in making the world a better place does not mean you have to be paid to do so.   For the facilitator to whom much has been given in life, much is required to lift and equip others.

  1. Who will be in my Transformation Table?  There are two different kinds of groups.  A private group is one in which the facilitator has invited people they know, and these people are registered in a private group.  A public group is a group where participants who have heard about Change Your World have signed up on their own.

  2. What is an Action Table Group?  After completion of the Transformation Table, you move onto an Action Table Group which is  designed for participants to move from “good intentions” to “good actions” while being collaborative and strategic.
  3. What is the Action Based Lessons?

The lifestyle of successful people

You can make your life a great story

Putting your purpose into action

Everyday essentials for significance

Working together to make a difference

Creating a meaningful scorecard

  1. Is this whole change Your World a faith-based initiative?  Change Your World believes that anyone willing to learn and live good values, value people, and collaborate with them can change their world.  It is not a faith-based movement, although people of all faiths who are willing to learn and live good values are invited to join us.  

Our goal with Change Your World is to create positive action intentionally with as many people globally as possible. Please join us to fill the leadership vacuum in the world. LEADERSHIP begins with you in your home. Then to your neighborhood, your community, and spreads out from there.

Sign up here, send an email to, and in the subject header, write I want to change my world.