Change. Your. World.

The calendar is about to change.  Are you ready?  Ready for what you may be wondering.  Well, things will change even more drastically than they did in 2020.  If you are like me, you thought 2020 was a year of change.  Do you believe that is true? 2020 was a year of “shock and numb” for sure. 

As your awareness increases in life, so does “URGENCY.”  “ASSUMPTIONS” are not truths. Our availability to “trust” determines our thinking and then our behavior. What type of life/culture/business/family atmosphere do you currently live in: “High Trust” or “Low Trust”? Do you know what the difference is in these two environments?

A “Low Trust” environment looks and sounds like this: “We have a problem…accusations begin to fly, and accusations of “…you failed us…!” can be heard echoing through your place.

A “High Trust” environment, when a problem arises, this is what you will hear: “What can we do to help?”

Huge difference, right?

Globally we now need leaders to step forward and expand a “High Trust” world.  Is this your time to step forward and become one of the billions who want to “Change Your World” in your family, your home, your neighborhood, your city, your state, your country, in your business, in your team, or wherever you know “trust” is missing?  Change begins inside a person, not outside.  When you begin to become aware and change, you are modeling a “High Trust” environment and relationship, which is possible when someone interacts with you.  This trust can be with your spouse, your child, a neighbor, a local business owner, someone on your team, someone in your place of worship, anyone. 

Ask yourself this: “Is this my time to change my world by creating a high trust environment?”  Perhaps you have searched and searched your entire life for “A PURPOSE.”  “Is this the purpose you have looked for?” I cannot answer this for you, but I get the feeling that just by asking yourself these questions, you will either be moved to YES or faced with the mental doubts which have plagued you your entire life. 


Let me give you a little bit of context here.  Unbeknownst to you, some wise people have witnessed the change hinted out above in 3rd world countries all over the world.  These successes are not seen on the 6 o’clock news because they do not foster fear but rather radiate the bright light of Hope!  These fabulous achievements were accomplished through “high trust” transformational round tables.  These tables have the “buy-in” of several segments in each country, from the highest office to public schools, village leaders, and all society segments. 

These round tables focused on one thing and one thing only, VALUES


  • The idea that WE is more important than ME is a fundamental change that occurs.
  • WHO is more important than HOW MANY.
  • What UNITES us is more important than what DIVIDES us.
  • What we FOCUS on EXPANDS.

These are only a few of the new awareness’s about to become known to the world.

HOPE requires HELP, and that is where I come in.  We are about to launch a new program called “CHANGE YOUR WORLD” in January 2021.  Here are some staggering numbers which will astound you.

An organization called “One Hope” has used these round tables values program globally, and this is their result so far:

  • 315 programs
  • 500 languages
  • 7 Billion children have gone through this program

One Hope is partnering with the John Maxwell Team leaders who have used the leadership round tables to lift and give Hope to over 7 million globally in this same endeavor to “Change Your World.”  One Hope & JMT have trained leaders and made a positive impact globally for decades. Our two organizations never roll out anything program unless it has a proven track record, and as you can see from the numbers related to you here, this process and program work.

Do you know how many children there are on earth as of 12.31.20?  There are 2.2 billion children on earth and 7.8 billion adults as of 12.31.20.  What if half of those we in a “Change Your World” roundtable on a regular basis?  What change would the globe see? 

People will often use the word “Optimism” in their daily language, but optimism is an emotion.  It is a feeling.  We are looking for ACTION.  HOPE is an ACTION!  A person needs to components to this HOPE ACTION:  you need Will Power and Way Power.  This where I come into the picture.  I am an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team, specifically trained to facilitate these Change Your World round tables. I do this type of work because:

  • I value people – people just like YOU!
  • I am living an infinite growth life – meaning I am always learning and growing
  • Success is never as satisfying as significance

Are you interested in being in a Change Your World round table in your area, your neighborhood, your town, your state, your country? 

I will leave you with this quote and an invitation:

 How does transformation happen when you sign-up to attend a Change Your World round table? 

  1. A waterfall: Top-Down – It requires leadership
  2. A ladder: Bottom-Up – It encourages mobility
  3. A heart: Inside – Out – It embraces values
  4. Joined Hands: Side by Side – It desires partnership
  5. A Table: Few to Many – It enables growth
  6. A Bridge: Here to there – It leads to transformation

If you are interested in changing your world:  please reach out today for more information and to sign up here.

You can also link to the follow site to hear John Maxwell talk about this program and you can also watch a video too!


How will you change your world?

Hello, I am Janice Bastani.  We here at JBC [Janice Bastani Coaching] want to come along beside you, your team, and your company to light the way to “Changing Your World.”  We have ongoing solutions for you personally and for your leadership team.  It all begins with a simple introduction and conversation.  Please contact us today; your wisdom needs to be heard.



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