Your Journey Starts Here

Recently you were asked to evaluate 2020, and to look into 2021 to reflect and to envision what might lie ahead for you. I heard a suggestion earlier this week from a friend of mine; here is what the suggestion was, “What was great about 2020?  What did you learn about yourself in 2020?”  Then this suggestion was given from the same person: “What can go right in 2021?  What is your possibility thinking for 2021?” 

Feeling uneasy?  That is normal.  Did you believe the world would be vastly different in 2021 and that the world would right itself?  Hope springs eternal.  Where does HOPE start?  HOPE starts inside each of us.  If we continue to harbor negativity, selfishness, and getting even, normal will never peek out for fear of being knocked back down again.  Prepare now, opportunity will show up for each of us every day and we must be ready to be the champion.  Your daily routine will determine what kind of champion you will be. 

In late 2019 and early 2020, I began to notice a thread in the blogs, books, podcasts and other media outlets on the idea of “Getting to Neutral.”  It is a fact that when people begin to get on the same “energy frequency” you will begin to see what I just described above.  This energy frequency can be one of two things:  it can be “catabolic” which is negative energy, or it can be “anabolic” which is positive energy.  If you were to take a stab at guessing which of the two mostly described 2020 which would you pick?   What about looking into the next 10 months of 2021?  When you keep feeding the catabolic or the anabolic it matters not which one you feed, that is the environment or world you will live in.  We must control our destiny, or someone else will.  Face reality for what it is.  Change before you have to. Be candid with everyone.  Do not manage lead. If you do not have a competitive advantage, do not compete.

Let’s all step off the fast lane to destruction and pull over and get to a safe place of neutral.  Being in neutral is not “inactive.” It is a state of being where you:

  • Gather the facts.
  • Watch the circumstances.
  • Do a pro/con sheet.
  • Prepare for the decision.
  • Restrain your impulsive demeanor.
  • Gather information.
  • Understand you look and perceive life circumstances through your own biases and beliefs.
  • Get still.
  • Turn off your tech and noise of the world [their motives, desires are not your desires].
  • Rushing ahead will derail, disappoint, and cause more angst and impatience to grow inside of you.
  • Ask yourself who or what is in charge right now.
  • Will the decisions as currently presented clear the air, change everything, bring back normalcy?
  • Ask yourself this: “Who or what am I giving my power over my life to?”
  • Will I be submissive to that entity for the decisions in my life?
  • Will this reliance on someone, idea or something bring my joy and happiness and a peaceful life?
  • Thinking too much to solve issues and exact revenge creates a distracted emotionally charged prideful person.

Try this if you feel upheaval and want revenge in some area of your life and this thought continues to grow and morph until it consumers you.

  • Sit in stillness with no noise of any kind.
  • Breathe deeply 20, 30, 40, or how ever many times it takes for you to feel empty.
  • Stop listening to the voices in the world whipping up your emotional fervor.
  • Let go of whatever you are striving for.

If you find you are unable to get to a place of neutral peace mentally and physically [what I called getting to a place where you feel empty], you might examine yourself and ask this: “Who or what is controlling my life, thoughts, words and actions?”

A life filled with strife, anger, resentment, frustration, unmet expectations, self-pity, prideful behavior, fear, self-centeredness, opinionated speech, and loneliness is not a life in forward anabolic motion.  You are consumed with catabolic living and will spiral into decay and ruin.

I have a place of positive neutrality where you can get recentered and tip your life into a place of sustained living through learning about values that are positive and sustainable in your life.  Are you interested in going a journey of positivity?  You can change your world.  Please join us as we begin our journey to a values centered life.

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