Your Greatest Opportunity Today

Okay, you and your family are where you are.  Virtually everyone on the globe is affected by the current changing dynamic that is taking our lives and turning them upside down.  I’d like to offer a different direction for your downward spiral, and that is this is the time of greatest opportunity for you as a human being, as a single person, as a parent, as a spouse, a worker, a leader or whatever label you have pasted upon yourself.

What is the opportunity?

Choose the environment you want to be in.

  1. You can either wallow in despair and pull the shades down and feed on negative media 24-7


  1. You can decide to lead those in your home, business, and community into positive territory. 

What is your choice?

If you choose the A, the negative path, you get what you choose.

If you choose B, to be a positive opportunist and lead, this blog is for you. Let’s look at your greatest opportunities in April 2020.

I have divided our lives into twelve [12] distinct segments. These are not hard and fast, and if one does not pertain to you, ignore the segment.  What I challenge you to do is to look at the questions related to each life segment and take a moment to reflect on what you are choosing to focus on right now, today.

  1. Family/Parenting
  2. Finances
  3. Fun
  4. Growth Opportunities [Spiritual/Professional/Personal]
  5. Health & Wellness & Aging
  6. Personal Safety
  7. Professional Life/Career
  8. Relationships [Intimate/Personal/Social/Professional]
  9. Residence [where you live]
  10. Self
  11. Serving Others [volunteering]
  12. Spiritual Life

______________________ [Add your own segment here]


Read each life segment and think about what you are feeling about each one right now.  Are you feeling positive or negative?  Put a simple + or – to the right of each segment—no judgment here about how you feel.  Whatever you feel is normal and right for you at this moment in time.  You do have the opportunity to feel differently, and that is a choice and decision you and only you can make. 

Now ask yourself the following questions below for each of the life segments listed above.

What do I value most in each of these life segments?

Who or what is influencing you in this life segment right now?

Is this influencer lifting you up or bringing you down right now?

How much time are you giving yourself to access what is coming into this life area right now?

What is the impact on this life segment, by the influences I allow to dominate my decisions today?

What sacrifices am I willing to make for my decisions in this life segment to uplift me and those under my roof?

How do I envision this life segment in a positive, uplifting way?

What is the right decision to level up to the positive, uplifting environment I seek for me and those under my roof?

What is the right timing to get to the positive environment I seek for me and those under my roof?

Now what?

You, my friend, are the leader under your roof.  I say this because we are all in a situation where we are “sheltered at home or quarantined in place” to some extent.  This is new for virtually every one of us today.  The handbook of how-to live-in April 2020 is being written and rewritten almost hourly as new information is filtered down to us.  This is like what I call: “surfing on lava” and is frightening to most who feed on the news. 

What can I do, you are asking yourself? Turn off the noise of the world, and I mean disconnect for an extended period of time [this may be a morning, an evening, or a full day], I can assure you when you plug back in; the trying times will still be there; then you give yourself “white space” to create the environment you seek.   So, let’s formulate a plan which does not include the world telling us what to do and what not to do. 

Let me give you some advice here: “Dictating a decision” never works.  Human beings need to understand the “WHY” around the decision before they can “buy-in” and support the decision.

 Family/Parenting – our lives thrive in the security of routine.  Have a family meeting and set up new routines and let every member contribute their ideas [even the smallest member might have a great idea].  Let everyone have a say first and set the rules of no judgment first.  Let each person voice their challenges, fears, hopes, dreams, and what “ideal” looks like for them.  Once everyone has spoken, go back and prioritize what routines need to be handled first.    Yes, this is going to take some time.  I know that using stickie notes works very well.  Give each family member a pad of stickie notes to use, even the ones who cannot write.  This makes prioritizing things easier. 

Finances – most will have financial challenges at this time in history.  Think back to when you had this kind of challenge before and how you handled it then. What can you apply to today’s challenge?  What are the resources and decisions by the companies that you owe have relaxed in terms of payments and other resources that are available to you and your family?  In this segment of your life, there is a great teaching opportunity for teens.  You have heard of “Adulting” – this is your chance to teach financial management to your teen.  Sit beside them with the bills and begin.  Teach them wise financial decision-making skills. 

Fun – This is a necessary part of living a healthy life.  Play games, dance, do things inside and outside your home in your own yard.  Your local park may be closed, but you may have access to an outside space of some kind.  Let your family what is fun for them.  Being on technology for hours on end is not healthy for any member of your family.

Growth Opportunities [Spiritual/Professional/Personal] – NOW is the time to begin reading in each of the segments listed here.  You probably have magazines you never get to read or books, or you may have even paid for courses online that you have not started yet.  Set aside sometime each week to grow in each of the areas of spiritual life, professional life, and your personal life.

Health & Wellness & Aging – Plan your meals, plan your time to exercise, and recognize the signs and symptoms of unwellness for your age.  Recently I read that 88% of Americans do not meet the baseline medical standard for health.  That is an alarming percentage.  Get 8 hours of sleep a night.  Follow the guidelines for caffeine, alcohol consumption, and fasting from technology and media before bedtime.  Establish firm bedtime routines and times for your entire family to follow.

Personal Safety – This may be the most important of all life segment today in April 2020!  We have been given precise guidelines for our own health and safety.  FOLLOW THEM AND LIVE!!  When you disregard the safety guidelines, you are deciding to endanger your life, your family’s life, and those you come in contact with.

Professional Life/Career – This life segment is in upheaval for most of us today.  Discouragement around our future is running rampant. Let’s take a beat and think about what we can each do until this health crisis passes, which may be this fall or even winter if it has a cycle to it.  Where are the resources available to you?  What can you do right now?  Who is hiring in your area?  Is some income better than no income?  What is your bigger picture?  How would you like that picture to look in one year?

Relationships [Intimate/Personal/Social/Professional] – We were created as relational beings, and we all need somebody in our lives.  Who are those in your life in each of the four areas listed?  You need interaction, and they need interaction.  I know you know how to best interact with each of these folks.  This includes children, grown or still under your roof.  This includes immediate and extended family.  Put aside your petty differences, beefs, and hurts. 

Residence [where you live] – Where we live is the foundation of how well we survive this current crisis.  Now is the time to get your home in order.  Set a standard of health, wellness, and cleanliness in your home and follow a plan.  Involve the entire family.  Everyone needs to be part of the solution.  Everyone is capable of cleaning and taking care of their part of their home. 

Self – Self-care is essential.  If you are about to explode, separate yourself, and calm down.  Do not use drugs or alcohol to do this; these stimulants will only make things worse.  Employ the pre-school mandate of “quiet time” or taking a “nap,” and everyone disconnects for a period of time. 

Serving Others [volunteering] – helping others will give you a sense of purpose and make you feel better when you lift another up in these times of need.  There are so many simple things you can do that cost you nothing and will make a world of difference.  Reach out and lift another person up.

Spiritual Life – No matter your belief system, you need to be plugged in.  If you have wandered away or lost your faith, then dip your toe back into the faith waters.  Just as mentioned before, we are relational beings, and part of that has a spiritual component.  Find that part of yourself again.

There is a principle and a saying that is this:

This too shall pass!  And it will.


I’d like to hear from you!

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