Change Your World

Are you like me wondering why a person capable of working a good job and getting paid is sitting at home doing nothing? Of course, we all know the reason for this attitude of “…why work when I get paid more to sit at home?” Today, I did a little bit of research and found this from the US Department of Labor Statistics. The states with the highest overall unemployment claims [those people getting a free ride] are as follows:

PA – 31,289
GA – 23,951
IN – 31,111
TX – 22,076
NY – 19,071

The total US Unemployment Claims to end for May 29, 2021, was 425,450. All of these 425,450 are changing their world and your world. Some of these are changing the world for the better, and some not so much.

I know that the individual who is sitting at home waiting for their next check is not reading this, and perhaps you are a person who is looking diligently for a job and wants to work, but you may not know how to do that search. Over the years as a coach, I have helped many clients look inside themselves to begin their job search. Clients who are looking to “Change Their World.” This internal search may not be the first idea or option you would go to first. Most likely, you would troll the internet for hours on end, searching for that elusive and perhaps dream job. Let us take a different approach.
[One word of warning here…. you will not find a job in the next 24 hours…so keep your expectations in check and follow the process.] Below is what I call the “Job Decision Question Worksheet.” I urge you to cut and paste the questions into a document or write them in a spiral notebook and give one question per page and start answering the questions.

1. If you are looking for a new job or to re-enter the workforce after COVID and the majority of the COVID work restrictions are lifted where you live, here is what I would say to you; “Your first priority is to look for a job!” This means you get up at a regular work time, dress for work, eat, go to your home or outside your home workstation/desk and open your computer and start by answering the questions posed here and begin your searching. Take a lunch break, stay focused, no phone calls, texting, or surfing the net. Your #1 job is finding a job. You may end your day at a regular time for you and disconnect. I know some of you are “workaholics” even during a pandemic, but it is good for you to disconnect and be with your family and begin again tomorrow.”

2. What does your ideal job/career look like – write down all the details?

3. What sort of job am I looking to find [be specific]?

4. What are the unique skills I can bring to a job?

5. What are you willing to sacrifice to get to your ideal job or sweet spot?

6. What is the deal-breaker for you?

7. Can you clearly articulate what the new job or business is “FOR”? [This is based on Jeff Henderson’s book “Know what are you FOR – A growth strategy for work an even better strategy for life?”]

8. Do a “Pros and Cons” list for a new job opportunity?

9. Where do you think, you might begin to search for a new job without having to pay for the information?

10. What are you doing right now to earn a living for yourself and your family?

11. Is there an hourly job where you might find employment while searching to pay the bills in your area of expertise?

12. Who do you know who might be a “connector” to someone who knows where there are job openings?

13. How willing are you to start at a lower entry-level job post-COVID to enter your desired field?

The process and questions above are not an exhaustive list of what you might do to find a new job post COVID. Let us say you did find one or more job opportunities, then what?

Well, before you rush in and say “YES” to have a job, you might want to consider the following questions in your interview process. These are the cutting-edge indicator for what new employees nationwide are now [post COVID] looking for in a unique position.

1. What is your Risk Assessment for this new job opportunity?
2. Does this new job opportunity align with your core values?
3. Does this new job opportunity have a clear path of growth for you?
4. How many “ideals” do the new job opportunity match on your list?
5. Are these “ideals” deal-breakers if not met?
6. What do you believe about this new job opportunity?
7. Where does this belief originate?
8. How flexible are the hours and days of “in office” and “work from home”?
9. What are the childcare arrangements provided for by the new opportunity?
10. What safety measure does this company/business have to protect you and the employees?

I just finished my annual gifting of resources to those young adults graduating from High School and College. I will tell you what I wrote to them in their congratulatory letters. You need to know that “Today Matters,” you must stay “Focused” and be “Intentional” with the process and in your life. A person who is not learning something new and growing every single day is a person whose brain is dying [neurology fact-if you are not using your brain, it is dying]. Do not be one of these people.

You are the package, the product you are trying to sell to that business or company. This requires a change in attitude and perspective about who you are. You are your own “Life Strategist,” “Marketing Genius,” “Sales Department,” “Skill Master,” and “Cheerleader.” If you are fortunate enough to have a partner or great friend to come along beside you, ask that person to be your: “Accountability Partner,” “Supporter,” “Proofreader,” “Sounding Board,” and “Purveyor of Truth.”

I hope this blog post has been of help to those of you seeking a job. Every tip and process are not listed here. You may look on the internet for additional information and techniques. Let me know how you fair in this short process. I offer this as just one of the ways you can “Change Your World.”