Encouragement – Changes Everything

“Feelings,” we all have them, and today in August 2020, I like you am full of feelings.  Do you find yourself vacillating between; confusion, frustration, anger, defeat, small wins, occasional laughter, despair, and just want to open the door and scream out so the world can hear?  ME TOO!  We are now entering the sixth month of “open” – “closed” – “open again” – “nope closed once more.”  Our daily language has changed, and now we routinely use words like PPE, death cases, unemployment numbers today are, this expert said this, ratios of positive to ICU beds, social pods, social bubbles until our heads are spinning. Instead of fun summer vacations and buying back to school supplies, we are wondering where our unemployment check is and can I put food on the table or just run the sprinkler so my kids can cool off in the back yard. 

Yet life goes on, the sun rises and sets, dirty clothes pile up, mouths need to be fed, pets need a walk, children need to learn and need loving attention.  Your job is waiting virtually or is it in lockdown limbo, or perhaps it has vanished altogether.  Where do we turn to get answers since all answers seem to be the opinions of others and those answers, are usually opposite from the ones we heard yesterday.  It is all just so confusing!  I hear this phrase often: “I don’t know where to turn, who to believe or what to do now.”  You may find comfort in the realization that “everyone” is where you are, albeit in varying degrees.  On my bookshelf is a small golden colored book entitled: “Encouragement – Changes Everything.”

Encouragement can help lift us and others up and renews hope in our lives.  Encouraging words are a blessing to another person.  As you bless someone, you will be blessed with goodwill feelings.  Be an encourager today.

How do I do that, you may ask? It is easy – open your mouth and say something nice.  Here are some things that make an “Encourager.”

  • Encouragers: initiate the positive in a negative environment.
  • Encouragers: know life is real and must be lived daily
  • Encouragers: are committed to speaking uplifting words daily [they save their sorrows and concerns and frustrations for their private prayer time]
  • Encouragers: know there is a breath between hurting and helping someone
  • Encouragers: keep hope alive
  • Encouragers: model optimism
  • Encouragers: find significance in everyone
  • Encouragers: know everyone has value

How does one fight, “discouragement?”  Good questions!  Here are seven ways to fight discouragement.

  1. Reject rejection
  2. See mistakes [misinformation] as temporary
  3. See failures as isolated events
  4. Keep expectations positive
  5. Celebrate small wins
  6. Focus on each other’s strengths
  7. Bounce back, do not stay in the doldrums

Here are six of the most encouraging phrases you can say to another person.

  • “I Love You”
  • “The food is ready!”
  • “I forgive you.”
  • “Keep the change.”
  • “You look rested.”
  • “I believe you can do it.”

Encouragement leads to great things!

“Every beginning is a consequence, and Every beginning ends something.”
~Paul Valley

This blog post is a summation of the John Maxwell book:  “Encouragement – Changes Everything,” published in 2008. 


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