Your Who vs Your Do

Say what?  Do you know who your “WHO” is?

What is your “DO”?

Over the past few days we have been talking about “Awareness” and how your default mode plays into our wanting to jump into the “Life/Career Boxing Arena” and duke it out!

I recently read that 37% of Americans say they are happy.  OK…so what is the bigger story here?  That means that 63% of Americans are NOT HAPPY!  There was also an article by Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania which came out about 2 years ago about women and happiness, although it is making the rounds again, it states that women are less happy today than we the whole “Women’s Liberation” movement started.  What is interesting is that male happiness is relatively the same. 

What’s that about?

What do these statistics have to do with you and me?  Where do you fall in these percentages?  Are you happy? or are you unhappy? 

Your answer my be pretty standard when you say; well it depends, some days I’m up and some days I’m down. “Sometimes, I just don’t know…I just react!”  Congratulations, you are normal.

If you have been following these posts for the last couple of weeks you would see a thread of thought that; “Our state of being, our success, knowledge, happiness and so on, does not come outside of us.  It comes from inside of you and where your internal compass is pointed.”

Happiness is not connected with an event.  I will be happy when I leave home.  I will be happy when I get that new car.  I will be happy when I pay off that credit card.  I will be happy when I get that new job.  That is “destination happiness thinking”.  Once you do if ever, arrive and drive up; you do not get handed a big bag full of happiness.

The bigger issue is your awareness of what is “bombarding you, your relationships, your environment your heart and soul”.  Just because you react a certain way does not mean that is who you are at your core.

What one thing gives you the greatest pleasure, makes you happy that you do not have to buy, go to or turn on?

If this post finds you in a whirlwind of confusion, and you are concerned… should be.  You are 100% caught up in this whole event of your who vs your do and your awareness and your default mode in the life you are currently struggling with.

Let me encourage you to take some time and come with me on a journey deep inside you and find out what you believe, why you believe it and how “knowing” these things and beginning to set a new course for yourself from the inside out and one decision and awareness at a time you will completely rebuild what has come to be an uncomfortable reactionary default mode and turn it into a thoughtful awareness of keeping the things that build you up and set you to soar forward and to gently put down those things that no longer serve you.  Will you join me?