Your Seeds

I am a big fan of Zig Ziglar who is one of the foremost “sales gurus” on the planet.  He is also a wonderful motivational speaker.  He has a great little book of daily inspirations for the entire year entitled: “Inspiration 365 Days A Year.”  On March 13th the inspiration was this:  “In your hands you hold the seeds of failure or the potential for greatness.  Your hands are capable, but they must be used and for the right things to reap the rewards you are capable of attaining.  The choice is yours.”

What have you done today with your seeds?  Your seeds are your own words, your thoughts, your actions, your plans, your relationships, your work, your family, and so on.  What have you done with your seeds today?

Let me tell you what I do with my seeds everyday.  I commit my seeds to God.  You may commit your seeds to whom ever you wish.  I choose God.  Why you may ask, would I give my seeds to someone or something that I cannot see or interact with which is not right in front of me?  I would answer you, that God is in front of me, He is all around me and in every part of me.  He is at my own core.  God is the place from which I get my own foundational center.

Who or What is at your foundational center?  You may shoot back:  “…I don’t have anyone or anything at my core.   I am in charge and I make all the decisions…”  OK.  That’s fine.  Whose influence are you basing your core after.  You did not come up with it on your own.  There were many, many influencers which had direct and indirect input and you were not even aware of their influence.  So think back and who or what directly has influenced your core?

If you have no direction, or no purpose for your seed “today”, they will not germinate, and they will die.  That will be the end of your seeds.  If on the other hand, you sow them in fertile soil, give them nourishment, sunshine, water and take tender care of them they will grow.  How will you do that?  From whom did you learn how to be a nurturer?

You see it isn’t about just one thing.  It is about the sum total of many things.  Until next time.