Your Power and Your Awareness

There is a direct correlation between what you notice about yourself and what is going on around you in your world and how you use your own power as a woman.  Did you notice when you first became a Mom for instance that if you were vigilant about covering the outlets in your home, protecting the little heads from the sharp corners of furniture, turning the handles of the pots and pans into the middle of your stove top and those types of precautionary things that as you observed your child, you could actually “catch” that little one “testing” you and looking at you to see if you “see me doing something that I shouldn’t be doing?”?

Then there comes a time when we naturally let go of this vigilance.  Maybe it is because we just get tired of being on “guard duty” all the time.  Perhaps we have a child who grows out of this precociousness.  Or just maybe we think, what is the worst that can happen if I let that child learn a lesson of when I say “NO” and you go ahead anyway…..then… will learn what “consequences” are all about.   I have done this, you have done this, your neighbor, your best girlfriend, grandma and millions of other women have all traveled this road right along with you.

This is the same vigilance that we need to keep alive and well in every aspect of our lives.  You see we teach others how to treat us by using our boundaries.  They may come in the form of a “look”, or perhaps an action that you do or do not take, the words that you say, the emails that you write and send and those that you do not write, they come in the form of gossip and down right sabotage.  You are the only one who can change this and retrieve your own power.

Once you let your power go or voluntarily give it to another person… takes more hard work to reclaim it.

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