Your Physical Health & Fun

Physical Health and Fun, now this is a topic I can get behind and promote!  I am amazed at how little fun there is in the lives of people that I meet.  Somehow we Americans equate “fun” with being “childish”.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I personally make it my responsibility to give my guests at our home the opportunity to participate in fun.  I have found that even when they initially push back and step back out of the “fun circle” if you will, that they have crossed arms, then active observation, then a “smile” may pass over their face and then they move forward to be in the circle and then that’s when I invite them in once again and they almost always accept.

What about you?  When was the last time you had some fun?  What was something that you loved to do when you were a kid?  What stops you from doing that same thing as an adult now? 

I’ll tell you a secret about me.  I just love to color, paint, create, swing, blow bubbles, chew bubble gum, go for hikes, play with my dog, stroke my cat and hear her purr, ride a bike, play badminton, swim, sing, dance, and to dress up.  I love to read my now grown children’s childhood books and to watch old black and white sitcoms which I can fly away in and laugh leaving my cares of today far behind.  Not one of those fun things costs money and I know you have every item probably in your home or in your garage someplace.  I love to watch little kids enjoy everyday things and I love to join in with them when they start to giggle and laugh.  It makes my heart soar.

All of these activities release endorphins in our brains which make us happy and that in turn helps to stave off other nasty chemicals which cause us stress and pain. 

We need fun in order to balance out our lives.  Each and everyone of us inhabits a body which is designed to stop, relax, restore and recharge and one of the ways of doing this is through fun.

What did you do fun today?