Your Physical Health & Finances

Now this is a really hot topic for the past year and a half for sure.  We have all been impacted by the economics of our own poor habits and poor habits of a society, culture, government, and indeed globe.  As Americans we tend to ignore that which is outside of ourselves and our own little world and continue to play, work, spend and live as usual until recently.  So what did happen? 

To say it simply, our poor habits caught up with us, and our nation.  Poor decisions on all sides came to the surface and could no longer hide with the bright light of day. 

Unfortunately, too many folks were swept up in this economic failure and themselves were impacted.  How does this whole economic event play out in  terms of our own “physical health”. 

To put it bluntly, it has had a devastating effect on millions of us.  So what does one do if you are economically impacted and you have as a result started having problems, or your problems are now exacerbated by this new normal or you have lost your home, or your job, or both? 

Take immediate steps to secure your family, and to protect them.  Get help if you need it.  Put your pride aside for this season of life and do what you have to do to get back on your feet.  That’s job 1.

Job 2 is to get income flowing again.  I mean take anything.  If you are still able to read this blog on your own computer, you still have something.  Get out there and beat the pavement.  Getting a job is your full time job now.

Job 3 is to get your financial house in order.  Take a good hard look at how you got to this point.  Start to do some research at your library or other resourses and start from the beginning to educate yourself, your spouse or partner and your children about what healthy finances look like.

Job 4  be realistic about what you really have to have to live day to day, have insurance to protect yourself and your family’s health, car, home  and pay your bills on time.  Everything else is secondary.

Job 5 see this as a very long term situation that may take 5 to 10 years to come out of.  This is reality.  You didn’t get here overnight and you will not get back out of this hole overnight.

Job 6 do not be duped into “quick fixes”, “new products or services” to get you out of debt.  Buyer beware is huge here.

Job 7  Forgive yourself, your spouse/partner, your kids, your country, your employer or whomever you hold responsible.  Why?  Because this is even more damaging to your health than the finances are.

When we hold hate, blame, and harm done to us, inside of us and we have no outlet for it, lots of very bad stuff goes on inside our bodies chemically.  (If this interests you, you can find out all the particulars on line)  Suffice it to say, we do more harm to ourselves by holding on to this negative stuff than releasing it.  Yes, it is hard, very hard.  But, it is vital for our “rebuilding” and moving forward to getting out of this dark place.