Your Physical Health & Family/Parenting

We all know how impactful our duties as parents and to our families are.  I am wondering if you really realize how impacting they are on your own physical health and wellness? 

I encounter women (and men) on a daily basis who look like they have been run over by the duties and responsibilities of life and more specifically their families.  Just as a note of clarification here; I am on the other side of this season in life right now.  We have two grown children and we made it through in tack!  So can you.

The thing to remember here is that this time right now is a “season” in your life.  You only have this one chance to make an impression, to teach, to model and to remain “whole” and in a state of “balance” in your own life.

Here’s what I mean.  Babies are just that babies for a very short period of time and I know that when you are in the midst of being a new mom, it can seem like the mess, the diapers, feeding and caring will never end, but it really will.  In this process and during this time you must realize that this is one of the key moments when we as women begin to put ourselves on the side, on the shelf, and begin to set in our our mindset that we do not matter today and then today becomes tomorrow, next week, a month goes by, then a year, then a decade. 

When your children are in school, they do not have to do everything that is offered up or that all the other kids are doing.  Why?  They do not need to in order to get ahead.  You as a Mom, a single parent, or a married woman need to put yourself, your marriage and your health before those children and their activities.  Yes, it will be hard.  Yes, there will be lots of tantrums, yelling and “it’s not fair” statements most likely, but you and your physical well being take first place.

Here is a statement that I learned the hard way:  “you cannot give, what you do not have.”  It is so true.  If you are not receiving the proper healthy foods you are not healthy.  If you are not getting enough exercise to keep you fit and strong, you are not healthy.  If you are not getting 8 hours of “restorative sleep” every night, 365, then you are not at your best to give your best.  (in case you are one of these women who says:  “…oh, I can get by with….”  you are mistaken.   shows that only about 1% of the world’s population can get by with less.)  If you are not taking time for fun, personal growth and development, spiritual nourishment, intimate and social relationships and so on you are not healthy. 

If you find yourself pushing back; may I challenge you to look into your life and see who or what is in the center getting all the focus?  That is where you and your health are focused on.  That is what you will get.

Are you “kid centric”?  Meaning:  My life and my families life revolves around the children 24 – 7.

Are you “job centric”?  Meaning:  My life revolves around my job everything else takes a back seat.

Are you “relationship centric”?  Meaning:  My life revolves around my relationships.

Are you “body image centric”?  Meaning:  My life revolves around how I look.

You get the idea.  None of these are healthy states of mind or of being.

Getting Balance in every area of our lives is key to our health and well being for this next season. 

When will you start?