Your Physical Cornerstone & Health

All this past week we have been talking about one of our four cornerstones of the Physical side of our lives.  Now we will talk about how this plays out in the “Health” of our person.

I want to ask you a question;  “When did you learn what “Health” was and meant?”  “Who taught that to you?”  “Did you remember it the next week, the next year, the next decade?”

My own journey tells me probably not.  I vaguely remember being taught something in health class and immediately forgetting it after I was tested.  What about you?

Then I grew up and I was pregnant with my first child and here comes a large stack of reading material about prenatal health of myself and my baby.  OK…..I guess I really need to know this stuff.  Nine months passes and a beautiful baby girl is born and that 40 pounds did not come off.  Once again, I had to go in search of how to get back to a healthy weight again.