Your Personal Growth & Your Spiritual Cornerstone

14What does my personal growth have to do with my spiritual cornerstone?  If you are a person who has figured out the importance of this cornerstone, then you will also see areas in your life where you will want to continue to grow in your own personal growth in order to make this foundation even stronger.

Let’s say you are Christian and you want to become stronger in your role as a woman who has raised children successfully and now you are ready to be a mentor to other younger women.  Then you may want to attend a woman’s conference on “Mentoring Younger Women” for instance.

Let’s say you are Jewish and you are a new bride who is new to the faith and you do need to know who to be a Jewish wife in today’s society.  Then you may want to take a class from an older Jewish woman, mother-in-law or at your synagogue in the ways and traditions of the faith.

Let’s say you are a new step mom or someone who is now the sole caregiver for an elderly relative, then you will need to know what works, where to find resources and support systems in order to fulfill this new role in your life.

Perhaps you are a new empty nester and you are longing to go back to school or to take up a hobby that you put on hold many, many years ago.  Then you may need to reeducate yourself about how to get back into things and that is what personal growth is all about.

Perhaps you want to learn something entirely new.  Perhaps you have time to learn how to cook a new cuisine and your take up the study of that food and country, or even take a vacation there to immerse yourself in the whole experience.

All of these things are building into your personal growth area of life.  When these things strengthen your spiritual cornerstone you become a more confident person.