Your Personal Development and Your Relational Cornerstone

This is one of the core places that we as women feel very damaged and where we feel the most hurt.  We are “relational” beings, there is no way around that.  Even the most harden individual will crack if the right pressure is applied in the right place at the right moment in life when that cement heart was set in place.

What is “Personal Development” you may ask?  It is more than just taking a “class” that lifts you up inside or that hits on your own passion button.  This is where you become “stronger” in every aspect of your life. 

We all receive those fliers, little recycled notices for the local college or adult learning center where classes are held for a low cost and sometimes they are free.  If you have ever leafed through those offerings, something probably jumped out at you when you think; “…I’d like to take that….just to see what it is about…”   or “… I’ve always wanted to learn…”. 

If you are like many there is one area of your life where you feel like you may not have had the opportunity to really learn something that would enrich or greatly benefit your life.  These are the opportunities that I am talking about.

As our population ages the number of adults taking care of their parents has been growing and that knowledge of how to care for them, where to find adult senior day care, how to take their car keys away from them, how to blend them into your family, and how to survive this time in life is not something that is readily taught.  Learning the skills and resources available to you would greatly lighten your emotional load and your anxiety.  This is just one area where we can all use some instruction.

Another area is that of finances and how to survive and thrive after divorce, or death.  Again this is not something that we sit around and discuss and get input on from our friends and family, however, it necessary to our survival and our emotional well-being in life.

Many are returning to the workforce after being in and out of full time work for kinds of reasons not just the typical one of staying at home with small children until they become school aged.  Being equipped with the proper skills, clothing, etiquette in the workplace, the rules and regulations which change yearly is about you feeling good about yourself when re-entering the workplace.  Often a woman wants to set out on her own and do some kind of home based business.  Here again, educating yourself is key in order to succeed.

Many of us have trouble with our “stuff”.  Specifically too much “stuff” and we would benefit from an organization class, or learning from a de-cluttering expert.  We have “emotional stuff” and “personal things” which no loner serve us and we are ready to “let go” of these things, but we don’t know where to start.

There are of course thousands of examples that we could bring up here, but you get the idea.  Working on ourselves is really job number one. 

We cannot give what we do not have.  If we are dried up like a desert inside, we have nothing to give from our overflow to our family, friends, spouse, or jobs or our community.  Take care of yourself first and then the  others.  Remember what they tell you when you fly? 

“Put your oxygen mask on first – then assist others.”