Your Negative Voice

Like many of you I have been out and about getting ready for the holidays that are almost upon us and I have been watching and listening to those in line around me and I have noticed two very distinct type of shoppers and employees out there.   Some are just naturally in high spirits with a quick smile and pleasantries and others are just waiting to pounce with negativity.

What’s up with that?

I know that as a society we are growing more distant by the second and depending on so many inputs for news, social happenings, international information and just plain keeping in touch that we have really lost our ability to interact in a casual, natural way.

When you isolate yourself from daily interaction with the average person of the world you put yourself in a downward spiral.

The only person you have a conversation with is yourself.  The more time that passes the louder the negative voice becomes in your head.  Think about that.

When was the last time that you had a natural conversation with someone where you weren’t negative?

When was the last time you let someone else do all the talking and the venting?

When was the last time you met anothers’ eye, smiled and said something nice?




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