Your Home & Your Spiritual Cornerstone

What does my home have to do with my spiritual cornerstone?  Peace is the one thing that comes into the minds of those of us who have and maintain a home.  We are always looking for peace and balance in our homes in order to make sense of the world outside our front door.  How does one get to the mythical place of balance and peace when our spiritual cornerstone is not set in place?  The answer is we don’t.  What happens is that we live in a home in constant turmoil, messiness, and fall into bed nightly exhausted and overwhelmed.

Knowing what you believe and why you believe that and then teaching it to your children, to be in agreement with your spouse on this cornerstone and to live it out daily is the way to peace and balance.

Oh, you may still fall into bed exhausted, but the exhaustion will be of a different kind of completeness and finishing than of overwhelm.

Each of us has to make this decision for ourselves.  We can either answer these questions and then follow through in our lives on a daily basis.  No one is perfect so it is ongoing in the living out what we believe; or we can each continue to stay on this merry-go-round we have settled for and continue in distraction, drama and overwhelm.

What few realize is that our children, travel through our lives and then they are gone.  We are face to face with our spouse again, or an empty nest and we don’t know who that person is starring us in the mirror is anymore.  Our compromises have taken us very far afield from what we once held as our ideal.

You can change this today.  You can get back on the path to what “ideal” is for you by knowing the answers to:

What do I believe?

Why do I believe that?

Then begin to put the puzzle pieces in place to live out those two answers. 

What are your answers to those two questions?

Are you and your spouse in agreement on the answers?  If the answer is no, then you will still have strife in your home.  If you and your ex have different answers, then you will have strife with each of your interactions.  You see one feeds off of the other.  You can build each other up or you can spend a lifetime tearing each other down and both live in homes of dysfunction, strife and no peace.