Your Health & Your Spiritual Cornerstone

What in world does my health have to do with my spiritual cornerstone?  Your health is a direct reflection of your spiritual cornerstone’s health.  If you are mired in the mud of indecision about what you believe and why you believe that, then my guess is that you have some issues with your health in some way.

When we are spiritually healthy then we can go a long way toward physical health in our lives.

When we find ourselves at odds with decisions, places we frequent, activities that we engage in that do not support our spiritual cornerstone, we have anxiety, depression, problems with our weight, we argue allot with others who have a different viewpoint than our own and many more things in life that generally keep us agitated.

This is also true in the the reverse.  If you are a person who is too rigid in your spiritual life and cornerstone, then you will have trouble with every other aspect of life and this will also show up in your health. 

You may turn to food for comfort and thus make yourself overweight and you have hurting joints, knees, ankles etc.  You may turn to alcohol to drown your in-congruence and this causes health issues.

When you and your spiritual cornerstone are in alignment, you usually have vibrant health.  If you are seeing your body as the “temple of God”; then it is your duty to maintain and keep the temple undefiled and healthy.

What is the health of your body, your life, your relationships and your cornerstone?  If you are not satisfied with your health, what is your plan to change course?

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being perfect) where are you in the health area of your life?