Your Health and Your Relational Cornerstone

Someone once said that if you do not have your “health” you do not have anything.  That is true, however, we do not seem to heed this wise thought until we land in the emergency room with a problem.  We have come to so fear “loosing” ___________________”Something” you fill in the blank, that we ignore the signs of “Unwellness” or “Unhealthiness” until we have an issue that will take more than a day off to correct.

I have often asked myself, “…why do we do this?….”   Why do you wait?

I wait because I think that what I am currently dong (no matter what that is) is more important than “me”.

What about you?

Let me ask you, “In the past year, when did you have your annual check up? What was the result?”

“In the last year, when did you get to your dentist, eye doctor, gynecologist, have your prostate exam, or any other routine examine that you normally would do?” 

“What was the result?”

Many of you are probably saying; “I have lost my health care insurance.”  “Getting “well-check-ups is no longer on my list of affordable options with my current financial situation.”

This is a very tough time.  There are other options out there if you need them.

Please do not wait until it is a crisis to get looked at.  It will affect more than your wallet. 

If you find yourself short on cash, insurance and care, there are things that you can do to keep yourself healthy.  Here are a few:

*  Get yourself out the door and walk down your local neighborhood street, or to a park or around your block until you work up a sweat.  (Please do this instead of plopping down in from of your TV or computer with a bag of high fat snacks to just vegetate).

*  Take you children out to play in the yard and you join in.  If you don’t have a yard go to a park or a school playground and play until it gets dark.

*  For one week only eat things that grow in the ground and that are fresh.  Eat nothing that is frozen, in a package or that comes in a box, nor anything that is ordered from a restaurant.  Make it fun and colorful.

*  Try eating a rainbow and let everyone in your family choose “living food” in their favorite color and eat the rainbow for one meal.

*  Do not watch TV or go on your computer for one full day.  Do something else instead that involves everyone in your family.

*  Even if you have teens these suggestions can be challenging and exciting.  What about a contest of “sit-ups”, or “push ups” or any number of other physical challenges.  Of course they are going to win, but they will love beating you and you will get some healthy benefit out of the challenge.

*  Buy a back of “spring bulbs” and plant them together with your children.  These aren’t expensive and each person can plant a bulb of their choice.  Mark and tag them.

By keeping yourself healthy, you also keep your other relationships healthy and you streghten your “Relational Cornerstone.”