Your Fun & Your Spiritual Cornerstone

What does my having fun have to do with my spiritual cornerstone?  Having a certain moral standard is part of who we are as a people.  Not having a certain moral standard is also very common as to who we are as a nation.  How can a person be one way in certain circumstances and not that way in other areas of their life?

This is what this cornerstone and area of life is all about.  Please remember that there are others who are watching what you do, and what you say.  What is “fun” for you with small children and what is fun for you as a single adult may not be the same thing; or is it?  Having a moral compass which is consistent in life is what we are talking about here. 

If you are watching an “R” rated movie with a toddler sitting in the room for fun and you think that that child is too young to “understand” then you would be wrong.  If you think that a child is “old enough” to know the difference between  an electronic game which has as its highest scoring prize, death and mayhem by violence, then you would be wrong.

Family fun, and adult fun are too different things.  You may laugh at the crude or indecent jokes at a comedy club or on an pay channel when you are by yourself but not in front of your children.  That is called being “in-congruent”.  Your outside actions, do not mirror your inward feelings.

Cornerstones are the anchors for our thoughts and behaviors in our lives.  What are you portraying to the world?  What are you modeling for your family?

When we put all of these areas of life together we get a picture of who we really are at our deepest level, which is our core.  This is how we feel good about ourselves.  This is where we get our self worth.  This is where we launch ourselves daily. 

Have you laughed today?  How many laughs do you think it takes a day to maintain health?