Your Fruits

Last time we discussed how our lives are like fruit trees bearing fruit from our daily work in our professional and private lives.  In that post I posed several questions.  We will discuss each of those questions over the next several blogs to gain a deeper understanding of this metaphor of our lives as trees bearing fruit.

The first question was:  How deeply are your roots planted?

So what’s your answer?  

Let’s take a minute and describe what I am talking about.

If you think of yourself as a growing living being you are very much like a tree.  We all start out as young seedlings and mature and grow strong through developing deep roots.  One of a tree’s most important roots is called its “Taproot”.  The purpose of this one root is:  To anchor the tree, it is the starting point from which all other roots come from and from which the tree receives its main nourishment.

Where is your taproot based?  Typically we think of our foundation as a place where we hold our belief system.  If you belief system is strong and regularly fed then you are strong.  If you do not have a firm belief system of any kink then you may be a weak tree which can be toppled in the storms of life.

Did you know that the root system of a tree is twice as wide as the tree is tall?  That’s a lot of roots!   That’s quite a lot of foundational work that is below the ground or in our case deep inside of us that others do not visible see on our outside. 

What other people see is what we do, and what we say and that speaks volumes about our root system.