Your Family & Your Spiritual Cornerstone

What does my family have to do with my spiritual cornerstone?  Whether you like it or not you are the role model for those who depend on you as a parent, as a spouse, as a relative and neighbor.  This is a big responsibility for each of us. 

As I asked before in the previous post, where do others learn about what a “Spiritual Cornerstone” is and how it anchors one corner of their lives, if not from you?  All of us have very strong feelings about our children and where they learn certain things and for the most part we as parents want to be the ones who steer them in the direction that we think is best for them.  So if this is true, then why do so many of us just let go of this cornerstone, thinking that our kids will figure this out on their own?

Children mimic what they see at home or from whomever is the person, place or thing that they spend the most impressionable brain molding time with.  Think about who or what that is in your own child’s life.

Name each of your children and then ask:  Who or what has the most amount of time and influence over my child?  Does this person, place or thing represent my values, and positions on life ?  What do I need to change?  Where  do I need to pick up the ball here and teach and model in my child’s life?

Remember here, this isn’t rocket science, this is basic training of a child and the direction you are pointing your family in.

If you do not like what you are faced with and the behavior that is presented to you each day, then look at what is being modeled to your family and do something about it.

No, you will not be “popular” with your children, or your family if you are taking a different road than they are used to.  You are equipping yourself, your children, and your family for life.  Take this responsibility very seriously.