Your Environment & Your Growth

We are on a journey of sorts about how we grow and are nurtured from our very core outward in our lives.  We have been using the metaphor of the “tree” and how it grows as our model.

Today in question number three from our beginning blog on 7/8/09  we are asking this:  “How is the surrounding ground around your trunk?” 

Translation:  What is the professional environment and the private environment like where you work, play and live on a daily basis?

When we tolerate energy draining relationships it is just like the choking weeks around a tree which eventually kill the growth.  We are no different.  If we are not diligent in the maintaining of a positive, weed-free environment we too suffer in our lives.

Take an inventory of your professional life right now.  Ask yourself:

What relationships are growing me and my business?

What relationships no longer serve me?

You may not be aware of this, but, we all grow through relationships and circumstances.   Think about when you were a brand new mom for instance.  My guess is that you poured over websites and magazines that were all about newborns, coping and juggling baby and career…right?   Now that your child is in say middle school you no longer pour over those magazines and websites because they no longer serve you.  You have moved on to something else.  The same is true here.

Mourn the loss of the relationship if it no longer serves you and remember the benefits that you will keep for a lifetime and just say goodbye.

If you do this in your professional life you will see a great boost in your availability to be present for all the new opportunities that will come along, because you are no longer living in the past.

The same thing can be done in your private life.  Think about the same scenario I gave earlier.  There was a time when you were always scheduling and arranging play days and pick ups and now that your teenager drives you are no longer in that season of life.  It served a purpose then and serves no purpose today.

We can do this over and over again in every area of our lives.  How is your home environment?  Is everything in good repair and working?  Is your home clutter free?

What about your office?  How is it?  Are there stacks and stacks of out dated material?  Is your inbox overflowing?  If your heel breaks off today, is there a spare pair in your desk drawer?  What about that coffee stain on your blouse? 

This is so much a function of what we tolerate in our lives that drags us down and weighs heavily on our time and resources and most importantly, our energy.

Get out there and start weeding!