Your Decisions Based on Fact or Fiction

As of late I am having a familiar sense of dull pulling at the base of my skull.  The last time I felt this way was in the 70’s and again in the 80’s when I thought something I felt was impending doom based on a discussion in my High School classes around nuclear war and nuclear plants.  I had decided that having children would not be a good idea if this carelessness of geopolitics and egos was more important than getting sustainable energy to end dependence on any one fuel or country for those precious resources.

Do you homework!  Do not just sit and be bombarded by the media.  Find out for yourself what is fact and what is fictional hype.  This is exactly WHY you needed to pay attention in science class in school, so that you can make educated decisions and calm at least your own families fears.

What are your children seeing and hearing in school from those standing in front of the class?

Have you asked?

Do you know exactly how many people were affected and got sick, died or were cured by medicine after the 1986 Chernobyl event?  Don’t guess!  Go find out and then talk.

Do you know exactly how many people were affected and got sick or died or were cured by medicine after the 1979 3-Mile Island event?  Don’t guess! Go find out and then speak from a place of knowledge.

Are you one of those panicking and buying up iodine?   Why?   What facts are in play in your mind that have caused you to run out and buy every bottle on the shelf?

What are the side effects?   If nothing impacts your body, and you take iodine and you personally cause another more threatening problem in your body, who are you going to blame and what are you going to tell you family?

You and only you are responsible for your decisions and the “Consequences” that are a 100% certainty based on what you decide.

Making a decision involves something called:  Critical Thinking.  Part of that Critical Thinking is knowing where to find the facts and separate them from fiction and hype.

We are not literally physically, mentally and spiritually connected to everyone else in this world 100% of the time and that DOES have an effect of you, your brain, your body chemistry, your blood pressure, your thought process, your decisions and the most important thing that we as humans cherish our relationships.

Each of us has a trigger which sets us off.

What is your trigger?

What do you know to be fact?

What do you know to be fiction?

What will you decide today?