Your Decisions and Survival

The decisions that you make and the reasons behind those decisions will directly affect your ability to survive in the turbulent waters of your life.

Let me explain this.

When I was in High School my father was in the Armed Forces and we lived just north of the area now being covered 27-7 in Northern Japan.  We lived on a military base in Misawa, Japan just north of Sendai.  Shortly before our arrival for our tour of duty there was a 7.9 magnitude earthquake in that northern area of Japan and the flight line was ripped right down the middle.  Because the family’s children were all in school, we completed our school year stateside and went to Japan in the fall.  If we had left and gone in April, we would have been present for that devastation.

Because we have so much information available to us 24-7 from so many sources and we do not verify a source, nor do we know we should even not trust what we are reading, we fall prey to all sorts of things that are just not backed up by facts.  This is a truth that stretches across the board in everything on the internet.  Naive people are believing what they search for and not being a good reporter and finding the same information from 3 more sources which are not internet based.  This leads to decisions which have dire consequences.

I was also fortunate enough to live in the San Francisco Bay area in the 1989 earthquake where there was great destruction and  a portion of the Bay Bridge collapsed.  You may not know this, but every day in the newspaper and on the internet you can actually see what is shaking and where it is shaking and how hard it is shaking.  When we moved from the Pacific Northwest (just after Mount St. Helen’s blew up – do you notice a pattern?) we found in the front cover of our San Francisco phone book a whole page devoted to “Emergency Earthquake Preparedness”.  I set about immediately to put every item (times 4) into the clean new Rubbermaid trash can per the instructions and locate it away from our home in case the home collapsed.  I got the necessary items to make our swimming pool water drinkable in case of no water for our family. This past weekend the national news organizations were asking people in California if they were ready (ie:  they had their emergency earthquake kits) prepared.  Everyone they asked said “NO”.  These decisions will lead to a very rough survival period.

If you are one of those people who feel pings, pangs, rapid heart beat, out of breath, extreme tiredness, sleepy all the time, your are afraid of your breasts being squished, your prostate being biopsied, or going to the doctor in general to have your yearly physical, this decision alone will cut decades off of your life.  It is a very poor decision.  Time and again when I am in casual conversation, people are “afraid” of “FINDING OUT” .  So every time something happens and they “FEEL”, they decide to ignore.   Ignoring in my opinion is choosing an early death.

Think about the very important decisions that you have made just since January 1st this year.  How good are they on a scale of 1 to 10 in your survival?

You may not have an 8.9 earthquake with a Tsunami shaking and washing over you, but you do have the same shaking and washing over you of the decision not to do something about some area of your life.

This awareness is vital to your survival.



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