Your Daily Routine Matters!

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Your Daily Routine Matters! Do you know what this actually means in terms of progress and success in your life and business?  As a mentor coach, I continually have clients who come through my door with no sense of what having a daily routine actually means.  Even when I ask them what time they go to bed, when they brush their teeth, when they eat meals, when they usually do laundry, they seem to be flying by the seat of their pants, much like a teenager who leaves home for the first time and just does whatever they want, whenever they want.  It seems they never grew up or were modeled what these life skills of success are.

If you want to succeed, you need a plan, you need to want to act on that plan every day, every week, every year.  Have you ever noticed what successful people do?  How does a person who has an exceptional ability say in athletics become a member of the Olympic team?  It comes from hard work, done daily, over time with precision and focus.  An Olympian doesn’t just work out a couple of times a month, party weekly, watch movies, and hang out with friends every Friday night.  A champion is not made this way.

In this same manner, a person who is highly focused has a routine and sticks to the routine excels in whatever they put their mind to.  If you are still confused let’s look at this another way.  People who succeed know when they need to rest – so they adopt a routine a daily habit of going to bed at the same time every night and getting up at the same time every morning.  Of course, there may be exceptions, but those are rare, and they immediately get back on track with their routine. 

People who take their health seriously rarely compromise on the tempting food choices put in front of them, or let their noses sway their decisions.  You might hear this: “It’s [the food temptation], not worth it to me to eat this.”  Why?  Because if I eat something that is not in my food plan, I will be off my planned course of nutrition, I will feel bad, I will have fuzzy thinking, I will be unfocused, and I will not sleep well.  There are of course a host of other valuable insights into eating healthy.

Let’s look at successful business people.  What do they do that makes them successful?  For you self-help folks, millions of books have been and are still being written on how to be a business success, and guess what they all have in common?  A daily routine that is followed and never wavered from.  I once took an entrepreneurial course and when reached the portion of the course on financing, I learned this: “Every morning when you open for business, you must know how much you have in the bank, what is due to be paid that day, and what income you expect to come into your business.”  You cannot run a business by the “seat of your pants”, you must know where each part of your business stands each day and where it ends.  Fortunes are made and lost every day on having a daily routine.

One of my mentors lives by a daily routine of five things.  Your daily routine might be three things, or it might be ten, although it is hard to keep track of ten things.  Let’s dream for a minute.

If you could create a perfect, balanced day in your life, what would that day look like?  When would it begin?  What would you do first? What is the most important thing for you each day? What would you do around noon?  How about the late afternoon?  What would your bedtime routine look like in this perfect day?

Here are some ideas to think about:

Read everyday
Grow & learn every day
Be Thankful every day
Love every day
Live and eat healthy every day
Write every day
Have fun every day
Smile every day
Market your business every day
Know where you are financially every day
Meet someone new every day
Eat with your family every day
Play with your children every day
Call a friend or family member
Pay it forward
Do something unexpected for someone
Write out what you need to do tomorrow, tonight
Make a plan
Follow the plan

There are of course a million things one could list here, but I want to leave room for you to think about this topic of “Your Daily Agenda/Routine Matters,” because it does. 

If you are looking for a “How-To Book” on this topic, I would highly recommend Today Matters, by John Maxwell.  This book tells how John was challenged by someone he knew to take control of his life at a young age and how to make each day count.  John describes in detail how he learned the principles and the lessons of life around how to make each day matter and how he came us with his own list of his daily routines and habits. No two of us will have the same list.  This is highly personal.

If you want to talk to me about your daily agenda, I’d love to hear about it.  Please email me at the email address below.

Congratulations, you are now informed just a little bit more about how your daily agenda can make a difference in your life.