Your Cornerstones and Quality of Life

As promised, we have come to the end of our exploration of the four cornerstones that anchor your life and all the different areas of your life.  What did you think?  Did any of these topics cause you to pause and reflect, think or perhaps change?  I sincerely hope that your “Awareness” that all of these things have an affect on our lives and how we live and view ourselves has been heightened.

Did you find that with each cornerstone that the same area of your life seemed to come up?  What does that mean?  Well, it means that this is an area of your life that may need some deeper investigation and work.

What if the areas were varied?  Well, here too this just means that you may have some places where you do not have those questions answered and you may not have agreements, boundaries or other items in place from which to launch and live your life.

What can I do?  Where can I go to find the answers?  I am so glad you asked.  If you will send me an email and ask your specific question I will give you the answer.  You may choose to accept it or reject it, that is totally up to you. 

It is my experience that, we often slam the door of our greatest opportunity for answers by not be open to accept them.

My hope is that you will sign up in the box on this page or to email me with your question directly and I will honor you and your request.