Your Connections

Each of us have thousands of connections in our lives.  If you started right now, and I guided you through this exercise you would still be writing by bedtime.  So how does “connections” fit into our “Tree” model in our study for this July?

Our connections are just like the branches of a tree.  When we have a strong root system and a strong trunk we have lots and lots of branches with leaves which provide a beautiful tree.

Just as we have discussed previously, we must prune our branches in order to get the maximum growth and shade spread in our own lives.  Pruning is sometimes obvious.  Sometimes it is easy.  Then there are the hard prunes which hurt us initially, but later we see how much that branch weighed us down and now we feel free to grow in other areas of our lives.

When a gardener prunes the weakest branches on his fruit trees, that sends all the vital nutrients into the strong branches which yield the best fruit.  When we fail to prune, all the branches get the same amount of our energy and the fruit is no “A” quality. 

Remember we each have two distinct areas which we need to look at to begin pruning.  Area one is our “Professional Lives” and area two is our “Private Lives”.  We must be vigilant in both areas in order to produce luscious fruit.