Your Career & Your Spiritual Cornerstone

Each of these next couple of week’s posts will begin with a question:  What does my career have to do with my spiritual cornerstone?  What do you think this question is about?

Our four cornerstones are the foundational corners of each area of our lives.  When one of these is not set (set means knowing what we believe about it and why we believe it), we are sitting on a chair with only three legs, or two legs or just one leg because we do not have our mindset in place, our boundaries in places, our agreements and so on in place when it come to this cornerstone.

Why does this make any difference at all to how I work on a daily basis?  This too is a great question and it has everything to do with your character and work ethic at your place of business. 

Did you ever stop to think about what your employer assumes about you every day that you sit there in your cubical?  Well , he or she doesn’t literally think about these things but they have an unwritten understanding that you are:  honest, trustworthy, have the company’s best interest at heart, that you do not cheat, steal or misuse company property, funds, supplies, time, training and so on.  A company is depending upon you to be of upright good moral judgement and character.

Where does a person go to get those qualities?

Who teaches these qualities to you or any other employee?

If everyone else around you does not adhere to these principles of behavior and of actions why should you?

Are you feeling a little bit guilty that you may not be up to the standard that is expected of you?

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you about the things that have been in the news over the past year that have come to light about this very issue. 

You my friend are not entitled to anything that is not yours.  This is true in the workplace, relationships, at home and in your community.  We must all work together at a certain level of character in order to tear down this wall of suspicion, greed, vanity, and remember that there are certain “unwritten” rules that govern in the workplace.

What is the score you would give yourself in your career as it affects your spiritual cornerstone?