Your Discipline Capacity, Your Emotional Capacity, Your Energy Capacity & Your Growth Capacity

This month we are going to take each of these four BIG topics and just hit the top of the waves.

Your Discipline Capacity

I don’t know about you, but there are times when I just can’t get my head in the game.  Discipline is all about “FOCUS and FOLLOW THROUGH.”  You and I are probably a lot alike in this respect because we all are capable of doing great things.  The issue is closing the gap between knowing it and doing it consistently. There are a few key steps to the consistently part:

  • You must know what is important
  • Lose the excuses [they serve no one]
  • Take action before you do not feel like it
  • Tell all those distractions to take a hike
  • Become keenly aware of TIME
  • Follow through even if its late, you don’t want to, or when it hurts to


Your Emotional Capacity

If you have not guessed already, this one deals with our ability to manage our emotions. We are talking about a person who cries at the drop of a hat, or a person who goes off the deep end when things don’t go their way.  Instead here we are talking about the ability to handle “adversity, failure, criticism, change and pressure” gracefully and in a positive manner. There are a few key things we can do to grow our emotional capacity:

  • Be proactive when dealing with our own emotions
  • Stop the pity party
  • Take back control of your relationships
  • Do not waste time on the things you have no control over
  • Do not repeat the same mistake over and over again – LEARN
  • Do not allow life’s ups and downs to control you
  • Struggling is an opportunity to understand, appreciate, and grow in the process


Your Energy Capacity

Next time you feel like you are out of energy or perhaps you have felt low on energy for some time, I encourage you to look at your mindset and ask this:  “Have I slipped into “scarcity mode”?  It is easy to “SLIP” into this kind of thinking.  You know we can increase a lot of things in our lives; however, TIME is not one of them.  Instead focus on ramping up your energy.  I once heard a speaker talk about the R’s of energy.  These are:  Requirement – what is required of me right now? Return – what is it that I do well? Reward – what do I love to do? Here are some additional questions you can ponder in this sector on Energy:

  • When am I fully charged? [Am I a morning person or a night owl?]
  • What wears me down?
  • Where are the people who fuel me in terms of proximity to me?
  • When do I need to be full of energy?
  • Margin – White Space – Where is the white space for the things I need but have not planned for?

As a mentor and coach, I often have my clients as these questions when it seems life isn’t what they want it to be.  Look at each area of your life and see where you are spending too much of your time and begin to seek a balance.


Your Growth Capacity

Most humans think and believe that once they leave school and have a couple of years of work under their belts, they have just about learned all they need to sail through life.  Not true my friend.  Recently, I had a client who was about to turn 65 and considering when to retire.  I gave the client the assignment of looking at the “.gov” online site to see what he thought he knew and what was actually stated there.  To his surprise he read there were things he should have done at age 52, 57, 60, 62 and 65.  He was behind the eight ball so to speak and did not even know it.

Living and Working in a Growth Environment is exciting, rewarding and energizing.  What follows are some of the characteristics of a “Growth Environment”.

  • Make sure there are others who are ahead of you
  • Make sure you are continually challenged
  • Keep looking forward and not in the rearview mirror
  • Growth Environments are positive
  • Growth Environments keep people out of their comfort zone
  • People who are growing can’t wait to jump out of bed in the morning
  • People in a growth environment realize that “failure” is not their enemy, but rather a teacher
  • Everyone is a growth environment is growing
  • People in a growth environment desire change to stay challenged
  • A growth environment is modeled and expected



Next Month we will talk about “Your Intentionality Capacity, Your Leadership Capacity, Your Partnership Capacity and Your People Capacity.

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