Your Business Fruits

Every one of us is a “Woman In Business”.  We run things in our homes just like a CEO runs a corporate business.  We may run our own business, departments, or organization within a larger corporation.  Where ever we work in our professional lives and in our private lives we are “responsible” for many things.

When we complete our jobs, our tasks, our assignments, our chores, and such we present the “world” with our finished product.  This is the final result of our toil and hard work. This is “Your Fruit”.

Think of a fruit tree.  If you have ever tried to grow one to maturity in your own yard you know it can be a daunting task.  To get the fruit tree to maturity to bear fruit is another dauting task.  And finally to get that tree to bear luscious fruit in quantity is an even bigger task.  Believe me I know.

Let’s take our metaphor a step further.  You are the fruit tree. 

How deeply are your roots planted?

How often are your roots nurtured, watered, and fertilized?

How is the surrounding ground around your trunk?

Is it weed free?  Is it tilled nicely?

What about your branches?   Are they pruned to yeild the best fruit?

Who is your pollenator?  Every fruit tree needs a pollenator in order to produce fruit.

Are you connecting the dots?

More on the answers next time.