Your Business as a Ballet Performance

This past weekend, my husband and I joined several friends at Lincoln Center to spend an evening engulfed in the sheer joy of ballet.

We watched “Don Quixote” be performed in three acts.  As I sat there mesmerized in the effortless beauty of dancers seemingly float across the stage, I began to see a new picture of the performance.  Each ballet movement was perfectly timed with the music from the orchestra pit some 15 feet below and out of site of the dancers high above.  Perfect timing has to be perfect. Every note, every beat, every precise ballet move, must be PERFECT!

The dancer whirled and were elevated, jumped without looking and another dancer caught them and continued the perfect movement in time with the crescendo of the  music.  A wonderful story unfolded for 3 hours and not one word was every uttered.

As I sat there, it occurred to me that this was a well run business, this performance.

Each division in this business had to know precisely what the process was and when to execute the next step and the next note.

The end product was a flawless performance.


What does your ballet look like today in your business of performance?

Are all the pieces of the business working in perfect harmony to put a flawless performance or service or product?

What does your “set” look like?

How is your “lighting”?

What do your performers costumes reflect?

How does your musical score begin and where does it lead?

Ballet performers go through 200 pairs of toe shoes in a single performance – did you know that?   Do you have any idea how much each pair of toes shoes costs?

Let’s equate that to your business today.

What is worn out in your business?  What needs to be repaired or replaced in order to get a flawless performance?

Keeping a “ballet company” in top condition and form requires many experts; who are the experts keeping your performers in top condition?

In the end the ballet won out and I was transported for the remainder of Act II and Act III, however when we returned to the ride home this concept came floating back into my conscious again.

When you “Experience”  a great business or service from the consumer side of things, think about what it took to “GIVE” you that “EXPERIENCE.”  Take another look around and go deeper.

How can you and your business go to the “barre” and practice giving a great performance “Experience” to your customers?




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