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“Brilliant” is a term which means talented and intelligent. Every one of us wants to exhibit and show that we are indeed “Brilliant” in our professional lives and in our private lives. The challenge is how to showcase your brilliance in a way that sets you apart from another.  I am a Personal Growth and Leadership  Coach and I want to add value to your personal life and to your professional life.

On any given day a random “Google” search of the most searched phrases on the internet will show that people are looking for answers and information on these three phrases: “Decision Making”, “Relationships” and “Stability/Balance”.

Not surprising to me or you I imagine.

What do we crave when we are faced with a challenge, a change in our life, or our employment, our business, or in our relationships? We really are looking for a way in which we can make a decision that comes from a place of knowledge, surety, and honor.  Janice Bastani Coaching will teach you and equip you with tools in order for you to make “Great Decisions every time, regardless of the circumstances.

What about our “Relationships” is so important? We are relational beings and everything we do revolves around being in a state of relationship with another. Those relationships fall into four categories: professional, personal, intimate, and social. Without a healthy relationship we are set adrift in the land of unmet expectations. Janice Bastani Coaching has an entire program around how to build and keep “Great Relationships.”

Where does “Stability/Balance” come into the equation? “Balance:” to weigh things equally or to be in state of equality in mind and body. What does that mean? It means something different to each person who defines it.  Here at Janice Bastani Coaching we believe that individuals do not exist in a vacuum. What happens to you in your professional life has a direct affect on your personal life. The opposite is also true; what happens to you in your personal life has an effect on your professional life. We have a defined path of discovery to your perfect place of “stability and balance” no matter what season of life you find yourself or what you may be facing today.

Your world, my world and the lives of those around the globe are in a constant state of change. Some of the changes are for the benefit of all; while others are a violent upheaval and keep the populations in a state of heightened fear and stress. What does your world look like and feel like today? A steady dose of the main stream news will leave you in a catabolic or negative state of being.  This is not a healthy way of living with your family nor is it a healthy perspective point from which to do business.

Last Saturday you shopped at the corner drug store for the items on your list, and today it is closed and the store is dark.

Yesterday your neighbors across the street had a backyard BBQ and today there is a “Foreclosure” sign in their front yard.

Down the street the happy couple who pushed a baby stroller on a sunny spring day, are now moving out and divorcing.

Last Thanksgiving you had a great job with benefits and this Thanksgiving you have no unemployment checks coming in and things look bleak.

This is reality today in America. Hope is in short supply.  So what year am I describing here?  Was that 1978?  Perhaps it was 1998? Or was it 2008?  You see as you mature you will find that life, economics and culture moves in a pattern and it tends to repeat itself.  But you don’t have to repeat those same mistakes.  You can make a different decision and stay out of the negative energy that many think is just a part of life.  There is a better choice for you, your family, and your business.

We understand this at Janice Bastani Coaching. We offer a framework of steps and programs to you back on your feet through the use of a very specific processes so you can move forward, regain a life full of hope and promise, provide for your family, and regain your sense of self worth and balance. We want to rebuild your hope and confidence so that you can go forward with the business of living your life.

The process is a three step simple process: AWARENESS > GROWTH > FREEDOM.

AWARENESS: We look at your world 360 degrees and from 36,000 feet above. We look at where you are right now at this moment in time.

GROWTH: Together we form a strong team and put steps in place to get you where you want to go.

FREEDOM: We celebrate YOU! We celebrate where you are and how far you have come!

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