Worthy Decisions

I want to let you know about something that I believe is at the core of  each of us and that has to do with the questions that looms over us like a dark cloud or it is a bright shining sun.  That is the question:  “How Worthy Am I to…..(you fill in the blank….)?    What I have observed in my 3,200 successful coaching sessions is that this is at the heart of every discussion.  No a client doesn’t come in and say so, but it is the underlying river that is carving out every person’s heart.  When we have the mighty “I AM NOT WORTHY” river running through us and our lives our ability to make decisions is severely hampered and we have fuzzy unfocused thinking and decision making skills.

Let’s take this discussion down the path of finances.

Do you think that you are worthy of having a stable, strong financial foundation for your life right now?

Where does that belief come from?

Who modeled it for you?

Whose financial foundation influenced you?

Do you actually know what your financial situation is right at this moment?

These are all big questions.

Since everything we do in our country is based on financial transactions, you probably keep it pretty simple, by sticking your head in the sand and you go on the basis that:

*   I put my card in the magic cash machine and if I have cash, I take it.

*   I pull out my charge card and if it goes through, it’s mine.

*   I write a check and pray there’s enough money in my account.

Simplistic, but, truer than you might think.

This thinking is one of Low Worth!

Before you begin your weekend, think about those questions and do something about them.

Find the real answers which elevate you to a higher self worth.



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