Working Your Own Process

Our lives are a process of learning, succeeding, failing, falling, picking ourselves back up, learning something new, falling down again, skinning our knees and elbows, getting the life kicked out of us, getting up again and repeating the process over and over again.

What do we learn with each “getting up”?

We learn that we are right back at the beginning only now we have more knowledge, insight or perspective about the process.

For most of us we are released out of the four walls we call home to be set free; only to find that it is much tougher out there on our own than we thought and so much that we really do not know and for some have no clue about life and living on our own.

Then we become involved with another, maybe get married and there is a whole other side of learning that has to go on.

Then there are children, and their growing up, trials and disappointments which we must learn all about.  We succeed sometimes and fail others.

Our professional lives are also a place where we are in constant process.

Our relationships are in a constant state of process.

Everywhere you look in your life this comes up.

How do you work your process of living?