Working Women

Studies of women since the beginning of recorded history have given rise to the “positive” and “negative” traits of women the world over.  What woman comes to mind when I ask who is a “powerful” woman who lead her country?  Does a woman immediately come to mind?

It is said that our personal history begins from the day and year of our birth.  So depending on when you were born this answer may differ greatly from others in your own office.  There are clues to the question.  Clues for you are your triggers; such as “positive”,  “negative”, “powerful”,  “woman”, “lead her country” and so on.

When we know the traits and characteristics of women we work with, it becomes a much smoother atmosphere when talking, delegating, negotiating, accountability, work process, sales, etc.

Here’s an example:  You might work with a woman who is the main bread winner in her family and her spouse might be out of work or a stay at home Dad.  They way her mentality is about who she is and what her responsibility is, will be very different from a woman who has to work to make ends meet and would rather be raising her toddlers and be at home.  Your work mentality and decisions and ways of interacting with these two types of women will be completely different.

Look around at the women who are in your office or group now and see if you can point out the various mindsets and working models that you interface with daily.

How could changing just one thing mean the difference between “resistance” and “buy in” in your own workplace?