Wondering and Wandering in 2009

As we approach the end of another year (73 days to be exact), I am wondering if you are wandering through these last days.  Are you just mentally going to a place where you just want this year to be over and take “…a long winters nap…” (as the famous poem goes) and hope that the turning of the calendar will somehow make your life “different”, not “better”, but just different from the the mundane that you are currently breathing in and out?

You know that is a perfectly normal feeling.  Somehow after Labor Day and during the seemingly endless rush until December 31st, we just want to throw our hands up in the air and shout:  “…be finished, already….I am tired…..I just want some peace!”  There have been many, many years and indeed decades when I too felt this way; “…just be done with it already.., I am so tired….”

You my dear are precious to me and to your sisters who are out there living in the world, raising children, paying bills, making do with what seems to be a huge bag of emptiness.  You may be saying for this holiday season, I’d just like some:  “peace”, “a nice toasty bed with a long winter’s sleep,”  “someone to do all the cooking, cleaning and I can sit in a home where all my bills are paid on time and just enjoy the moment and my family.”   Isn’t that what we all want? 

Where are those things?  Those answers, those things are actually inside of you, even though you may not believe that right now.  I want to lift you up and let you know that indeed those deepest longings are inside of you and they are legitimate in their powerfulness, your feelings about them and that desire that is seeded deep within you for them to be fulfilled.

Now that’s heavy you may say; well it is and yet it does tug at you just reading what is possible.  In a very short time before the end of those 73 days, you will be given the gift of choosing for yourself to take a step forward in opening up yourself and looking deep inside to begin to “Discover” who you are at your deepest core.  You will be given the choice to “Grow” in ways that you may never have thought possible or dreamed of in that place where you feel the deepest hole. In the end of the process you will experience the “Freedom” to live in a manner which fulfills you each day and you will no longer be in a place where you just want things to be finished.