Your Calendar & Your Health

Did you know that your calendar and your health are directly related?  How do you think they are related?  If I took your electronic calendar or your paper calendar and looked at it, do you know I could tell you with great accuracy how you are doing in the four main areas in your life, who get your time, who doesn’t get your time, the state of your love life and friendships and much more?!

I bet also that if I could look at your calendar since January of this year, I could tell even more about you, your family, their health, and the state of your life in general.  Calendars are a very revealing personal item that we all take for granted. 

So what do you think your calendar says about you?  What does it say about your  Physical Well Being?  What does it say about your “Mental Well Being”?  What about your “Social Well Being”?  What does your calendar say about your “Spiritual Well Being”?

You see when we stay too much in one of our four parts of live or two or three and ignore the others or put off feeding those segments, we actually starve our inner core. 

When we are not coming from a place of fulfillment and overflow then, we have nothing to give back to others.  Think about that for a moment.  If you find yourself feeling resentment for something that once was a joy and a privilege, then you have some serious work to do. 

We will discuss more of this on another post.  Where are you empty today?