Women-In-Business & Their Friendships

As women, we are “relational beings”.  Our lives as women in business revolve around the relationships that we have in the workplace.  Our lives also revolve around our private relationships outside of our jobs.

What do your relationships look like?  We like to use the term “friendship” and we use this term very loosely.  There are many levels to a relationship and to a friendship.  You do know what they are, although you do not define your relational life by them in the strictest of terms.

Here’s what I know about relationships:  When we have “trouble”, a “bump” in the road, down right anger, or some other negative in the friendship, we have violated one of the levels or boundaries if you will.

We assumed something, went to far in one direction too fast for the other person, or the relationship was not the definition that you thought it was.

What do these previous paragraphs get you to thinking about?

In his book, 7 Levels of Intimacy, Matthew Kelly talks about each of these levels, which are listed below.  I think that these levels also apply to our friendships and our relationships both in the private side of our lives as as women-in-business.  Read them below and see if you can put your current relationships into each level. 

Level 1      We share cliches

Level 2      We share facts

Level 3     We share optimism

Level 4     We share our hopes and dreams

Level 5    We share feelings

Level 6     We share faults, fears and failures

Level 7    We share our legitimate needs

Where do the majority of your relationships fall?

If you currently have a relationship which is “in trouble” or “experiencing a period of rocky terrain”, you may be in the wrong level of intimacy. 

In the world of coaching, this is a part of the Emotional Intelligence growth area and the strengthening of the same in a person, a team and an organization.

It is my belief that when Women-In-Business adjust, and course correct in their professional lives; the other side of their life equation is also corrected.  That meaning that their personal lives will also benefit from the changes.