Swallowing It Whole

HEY!  What’s happening today with you?  Today, I’d like to discuss what happens when we swallow something whole without chewing it.  Have you ever done that?  Man, I remember the first time I accidentally was gulping down a cool glass of ice tea where the ice cubes have begun to melt and one of them with right down with the tea.  WOW!  The pain was huge and freezing cold.  Then I once swallowed a potato chip without chewing it up very well due to eating too fast and WOW! what pain I felt!  What have you swallowed whole?  What did that feel like?

My little tyrant here is on purpose.  All around us we see and experience this everyday by not only ourselves but those around us in the form of information.  I have spoken of this before.  If you read back a few blogs you will see where I have talked about “Who Is Your Ideal/Thought Leader”?  This goes to the root of this swallowing whole information in a broad sense.  Let me explain this concept to you in more detail.

When we see something on the Internet, or we see something on the TV, or are at a public viewing of something we have two choices to make.  We can:  1)  Take it into our many gateways and process it, perhaps go home and research it to better understand it or 2)  Swallow it whole and take it in to our many gateways and store it.  When we go with #1, we act responsibly in that we come from a reference point of openness and curiosity and learning.  We go home and then like a good reporter verify what we have just seen and heard.  If we go with #2, we jump onto the bandwagon of hysteria and hype.  Just because some big name celebrity is doing something or some government official says something, does not necessarily mean it is true for you, or that it is good for you to run out and do.  Do you see the difference?

We are highly influenced as humans by events, people, our environment, our history and our own inner processing.  It is so easy to be swept up in a shopping frenzy say for instance in a mall with lots of bright colors, and cheery music playing and decorations of the season.  It is just as easy to become highly depressed in an environment which is peppered with negative political ads for local politicians and negative economic indicators.  We get caught up in the frenzy and start gulping down thing WHOLE with out chewing.

Begin today to resolve to do three things:  1.  Intake information  2.  Chew it up   and 3.  Digest it. Then make your decision.