In A Fog & Unable to Make Decisions

How many of you are currently in a FOG?  Yes, a fog.  You have been so bombarded with so much information, opinions, conflicting information, too many solutions and just so bogged down that you are totally confused.  This is what is flying around us today, in these times of challenge, transition, crisis, and finances in our world at this very moment.  So how do you feel about what is going on around you and to you and to your nation?  If you are like me you would like the election to just be over already, you are tired of the ads, the news and hype and craziness which surrounds us.  You’d like to go back to business as usual and just “live”.

The fact is, that we cannot.  Why not, you may ask?  In the business of sales there is a saying:  “….a confused mind, never buys…”  Think about the last time you wanted to buy something and all the research that you did gave you too much of a sales pitch and how great each of the items were that you were thinking about purchasing.  There is no one clear right choice so you become stymied.  You are stuck.  You are confused.  You cannot make a choice.  Are you deciding with your gut, your heart or your mind?  Perhaps you may not know.

When we are in a state of mental confusion, this confusion acts much like FOG, it makes it impossible to discern or make a decision.  Learning the art of “Critical Thinking” will help you avert the FOG.  Critical Thinking will also help you sort through all of the noise that is out there and to focus just on what is of interest to you.

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When we are confused we can take no more input into our brains, our conversations and to many the conversation causes a rise in frustration, anxiety, and real anger that they have no way of “solving” what the conversation brings to the forefront of the discussion.  We have all been there.  The question becomes, “How do I protect my focus?”  Let me know how you do this.