Women-In-Business Heart Gaurd

Today is a very special day for my husband and I.  It is our 32nd wedding anniversary.  We all know the statistics which are out there.  Each time I read them I feel a stabbing aching hurt in my very core.  As women we are made to be the nurturer.  We are the ones with the seed of life inside of us.  Our counterpart is the ancient warrior and conqueror.  We are a compliment to each other.

Women-In-Business do not give up this side of their being when we step into the role of professional.  We are packaged differently on the out side.  On the inside we are still a nurturer, care giver, the tender one who rocks and dries up tears.  We can push this down deep inside of us, but we cannot cut it out of our souls.

There is a proverb which says:  Above all else guard your heat, for it is the wellspring of life.  As the one who grows life within her, nourishes life from womb to first flight, we as women are the “wellspring” from which life flows.  When a well is poisoned the whole tribe goes thirsty. Guard your wellspring of life, your heart well today.

Guard against taking in any poison from any source.  Sources can be other people, gossips, the Internet, pornography, drugs, alcohol, toxic relationships, thoughts to get revenge or to do harm to another in body or reputation, slander, or wishing ill of anyone.  In order for all of us to rise we must lift all the little boats in the harbor, lest one should be smashed upon the rocks.